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Scribble Art To Make Your Home And Office Look Awesome

Is scribbling art? Do you really think scribbling is art or are you one of those who thinks it is not? The thing is you are not wrong no matter what you think because not all scribbling is art but then not all scribbling is not art. Some types of scribbling can be done by

Excellent Examples Of Cubism Art Works

40 Excellent Examples Of Cubism Art Works

If you have seen and admired the work of Pablo Picasso, you must at least have an inkling as to what Cubism means. As the name suggests, cubism is the style of painting and art in which the use of cubes or at least geometric shapes are used in an overlapping manner to paint an

Beautiful Examples of Abstract Expressionism Art Works

40 Beautiful Examples of Abstract Expressionism Art Works

We often come across people who go crazy over any abstract work of art, they seem to have a special vision that makes them see beyond what is depicted on the canvas, and there are others, who feel it is not anything special. That is why when there is talk of abstract expressionism; the reaction

Extraordinary Line And Wire Sculptures

40 Extraordinary Line And Wire Sculptures

They say the artist’s eye sees what others cannot see and this is really proven by the many examples of art that are dotted around the world. It is indeed astonishing to see bits of material like clay, metal, stone, and wood show themselves in a different avatar to the artist’s eyes than when we

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Plush, Plump And Pretty Pillow Design Ideas

We all love our homes and if you delve a little deeper, you will realize that we are pretty attached to your bedroom. This is because the bedroom is a bit of private place where you go to find comfort and the solace of spending time with yourself or someone really close to you. That

Lovely Door Overhang Designs

40 Lovely Door Overhang Designs

If you are in the process of buying a home for yourself or already have one that you are planning to refurbish, we are sure that you must be looking at each aspect of it. This means starting right from the exteriors of the home to the gardens (if you are fortunate to have one)

Cute and Artsy Snowflake Tattoos

40 Cute and Artsy Snowflake Tattoos

The world of tattoos abounds with plenty of choices that are enough to ensure that even the most discerning and picky person would be hard put not to find a design that they feel is unique and suited to them. And the best part is that even as we speak, there are new tattoo designs

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Truly Elaborate And Thrilling Tent Designs

The great outdoors have a way of making your heart become free and your spirits lift to the great skies. That is why people are so much into nature and all that she offers and make it a point to explore all that she offers. The great outdoors and nature have a way of taking