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Art and culture make our lives more interesting and colorful. They fill colors in our lives and allow us to tickle the creative side of our brains. But did you know? That apart from contributing to our creative side, art, culture, drawing and all such creative activities also contribute to the mental well-being of a person. It makes a person happy and helps you to relieve stress. Well, and we all know that if this is taken as a professional career, the art and cultural exhibitions are a huge hit and the paintings sell at great prices, contributing significantly to the economy of a country.

So, all art & craft, culture lovers, we are your best friends. At Boredart.com, you will never get bored! From art and craft ideas to tips and tricks, to some real inspirations to have – we have it all covered for you.

What are we here for?

The team at Boredart.com aims at customer happiness. How? By getting the best home décor ideas, tips and latest colors and ideas that are trending in the art and culture industry. Apart from this, we also bring to you the best creative art ideas which you can use to decorate almost everything – be it your old used items, garden, house, or furniture.

Boredart.com also aims at focusing on helping amateurs to come up with some awesome art pieces. Practice is the best way to attain success and that’s what we believe in, and that’s what we focus on. 

Whenever you are confused, Boredart.com is where you must turn to – for tips, the latest fad, or just some general knowledge information related to art, craft and culture niches. Check out one of our best article on ceramic cups!

Our Monthly blogs: Because we believe in being up to date

We know you would love to see more posts on our website, but, we believe in maintaining a certain level quality in our articles. That is why, on an average, we publish about 15 to 25 articles in a month. We won’t disappoint you, with the information we provide – every article published at Boredart.com is well researched and contains complete and genuine information. We believe in high-quality content and only well-researched and well-written posts get published on our website. 

What do we talk about at Boredart.com?

Well, well, when there are so many things in life to talk about, why stick to just one topic. We have it all covered here, under the various below categories:

Art: There is nothing more soothing that art in the world. If you are a part of it, you will know the happiness and joy it brings to your inner self and if you cannot draw and paint, still having a look at a beautiful piece of art, itself, also brings in another level of happiness. We bring to you some awesome art pieces you must own. In this category, we also suggest how to come up with some magnificent art pieces by yourself.

Craft: This section is totally inspired by those childhood days, where we used to have a special time dedicated to crafting in our school. Some used to love it, and other used to dread it, but this time always used to be fun, isn’t it? For those, who still wish to spend some time on crafting, we have some awesome archives on crafts – You can use them to do some out of the world ‘Do it Yourself’ with your family members, or you can take these suggestions to invest in some funky craft decors.

Culture: Every city has a different culture, every religion has a different culture, and every family has a different culture. We, at Boredart.com, combine all of them and do no differentiation. Weddings, Bridal showers or any other events and festivities. We have some amazing décor ideas, invitation ideas, art and craft ideas for all of these cultures. We also cover awesome tattoo topics under this section.

Lessons: Life is a race, and if you do not run fast, someone will overtake you and win the race. In those days, when you just feel low or feel left out, turn to the lessons section of Boredart.com, and you will find tons of articles for motivation or for self-improvement.

Paintings: Isn’t this a self-explanatory section in itself? From amazing painting by famous artists to how to come up with some of the best art on canvas all by yourself, we have it all covered for you in this section. We also have some awesome paintings that you could buy for yourself and for your house.

Tattoo: We believe that they are one of the best forms to depict art. We have some awesome tattoo ideas and designs from which you can take some real inspirations. So, go ahead, read on, and get ideas for your next tattoo. We have awesome tattoo ideas based on sun signs, cultures, countries etc. So, have a look at this section to get all excited about tattoos.

Festivals: On the normal days, you may not have any reason to celebrate, but festivals bring in all those reasons, that you JUST cannot resist. These are the times that help you to bring out your creative best through decorations, gifts, and invitations. We help you to get some amazing ideas for these festival modes because we know, it can get quite chaotic during festivals.

Do We Sell Products?

One word answer – NO! We just suggest the best, and you can opt for the rest! As on date, we do not sell products, however, because we have well-researched articles and we know the topic in and out, you can always reach out to us, if you would like to own something that we have covered in our blogs! Write to us, and we will guide you to the right store to purchase that product!

How do We Generate Money?

They say, when you are good at something, do not do it for free. We have a team, who are great in this genre and that is why we are able to generate our revenues by producing the best user experience. For us, after Enthusiasm, Money is definitely the fuel to run a blog. We use advertisements, paid product reviews and sponsored posts & links to generate most of the revenue.

How to Contact Us:

You can Contact us by filling the form and we will reach out to you soon.

Come, read our blogs and enjoy them. I hope we are able to bring you the best tips and tricks when it comes to art and craft. Read here, and flaunt it off in your social circle, we don’t mind that!



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