40 No-Ordinary Line Tattoo Designs

Art has no language, however, it speaks to us on many levels. When it comes to defining the word, ‘art’ people come up with their own subjective definitions. For some, it is creating visuals, and for some, it is giving shape to their imagination. Tattoo designing is one such form of art. Tattoos represent the personality traits of an individual by telling a unique story without saying anything. Never judge a book by its cover, but if it is something as poetic and creative as a tattoo people may need to rethink. The No-Ordinary Line Tattoo Designs are the guide to life for people interested in art and are minimalistic in nature that never fails to make a statement. Sanskrit tattoos, for instance, offers peace and stability and so much of the art could be simply poured just into simple symbols.

No Ordinary Line Tattoo Designs

Lifeline On Your Forearm

The zigzag lines representing the ups and downs of an individual’s life is the first design to go for. It also symbolises the journey of a person, overcoming the obstacles of their life and moving forward. The waves show the existence of human lives. Discover ways to cover your birthmark with these sexy tattoo inspirations.

Coming Out Of Your Shell

Shell’s outline drawn on your arm may reflect a hidden aspect of your life. And so is the horoscope! Try these Scorpio tats and know it can influence your personality. A person trying to come out of its shell and daring to go for the things they love. A beauty that arises from pain is the most wonderful feeling in the world.

The Point Of Pointillism

Who says line tattoos are limited to just lines? If this is your first time why not Experiment? Pointillism is nothing but tiny dots forming a pattern. It is often incorporated into other techniques. You can use the back of your neck to display this aesthetic beauty.

Budding Like A Flower

Giving a fresh start to life, a budding flower represents the beginning of a new phase in our life. It symbolises beautiful soul ready to jump into the world full of hurdles.

Love Wrapped In Fur

If you are an animal lover, or if you have a pet you cannot just stop cuddling with, the outline of a pet is the right design for you. It can be anyone from a dog to cat. This tattoo will showcase your undying love for your pet.

Tangle With Armbands

Be it a symbol of your favourite superhero or band, the armbands on your shoulder can never go out of style. Combination of armbands can be quite visually distinctive. If, at all, you happen to have a best buddy then don’t think much and grab this stupendous tattoo idea to recreate the bond and deepen the love.

Realism Is Realistic

Line tattoo designs can easily create an atmosphere of realism merged with reality. Going for a design that people do not usually choose can help you create such a desired effect. Such example of realism could be a flower that can only be completed by fading away.

Forever Yours

Heart, literally, a symbol of love, the outline of a heart shows thousands of emotions in one picture. Love is eternal, compassionate, and it can never die. Wondering how much pain would your tattoo inking cause is a big yet important query to be answered before you sit in front of the artist struggling with your brain yelling “NO”!

Winging It High

Symbol of freedom, lightness and moving further up. The outlines of wing give a feeling of independence that we, as people, are always looking for. It also symbolises the potential to break down the barriers and overcoming our fears.

Bringing Reel Life Into Real

If you are a couch potato who binge watches television shows or movies, merge your reel life with your real one. Imagine the outline of your favourite character on your arm portraying your love. How cool would that be? The beauty of moon or some superhero’s portrait would be next big thing to try when you are thinking of real ideas.

The ‘Hooman’ Code

Not every symbol has to mean something. Create something new, make your own code word or a design that only you or people close to you can figure out. People will end up scratching their heads after they get inspired with these spectacular tats.

Regular Irregularities

Design doesn’t always have to be just uniform lines. Go crazy with tiny lines going here and there to make people think, think and think. It may depict the unpredictability that life offers us. The intricate abstract artwork has made fans around the globe!

Choose the right design. Remember it’s forever and forever is a very long time. Research not only about the design but about the shop, too. The ratings of the shop, artist’s experience and safety measures is something to look out before you make a final decision. Well well, keeping the inspirations and fun at a side for a moment, you must focus on tricks and guidelines and different techniques used for inking.


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