Practical But Still Pretty Parking Lot Designs

When it comes to art, we tend to think of it in terms of beauty and abstract concepts and never imagine that it applies to practical aspects of life as well. But the fact is art has many interesting and practical uses and it can take something simple and not only enhance its aesthetic value but also the practical usage. Do not believe us? You just have to look at things like creative catamaran interior design ideas to cause you delight to know the truth of what we are talking about. Now don’t you think parking lots also have a lot of artistic potential in terms of design? We definitely think that even if the parking lot that you have in your current residence or shopping complex does not have a well-designed parking lot, you should have it done. It is something that is similar to fast food restaurant interior design ideas that you should focus on.




Anything that we use in our daily lives, no matter how mundane it may seem can benefit from an artist’s point of view not only to add aesthetic value but also to make it more utilitarian. That is why now many companies have started adding a creative person to their team in order to add a design aspect that is both practical and pretty to most aspects of our lives. You can even see this in truly elaborate and thrilling tent designs, which earlier were only considered in terms of utilitarian values.





Here are some aspects that need to considered when one is considering parking lot designs:

The complete space is important: If you have noticed, some buildings have a seemingly small space for parking but seems to have the capacity to neatly accommodate a substantial number of vehicles. This is because of smart designs that ensure that each car that is parked takes the optimum amount of space. In some parking lots, there is a loft kind of arrangement where the car once parked is moved up to accommodate another underneath thus allowing for the parking of more cars than seemed possible in the first place.





The space between matters too: When you are considering that the design that you are looking at is for parking, then it is important to consider not only the complete space but also the space between one parked vehicle and another. If that is not done, this could result in a lot of problems like the denting of vehicles or even loss of life. That is why a parking lot design will have to consider not only the space on the side of each vehicle but the space in the front and back as well as the space for moving out and in.





Clear entries and exits: A beauty of the parking lot is never more obvious than when you see that the parking lot has a separate ramp for the entry of vehicles and a separate one for exit. In fact, we also feel that another provision has to be made for the employees in the mall or building to arrive and leave without affecting the flow of vehicles. This will ensure that the safety and the look of the parking lot is not affected.



We leave you with not only these points that will affect the design of the parking lot but also some images that will give you an idea about the actual designs of parking lots. This way you will realize how many details have to be considered when a building is designed so that all aspects are covered.


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