4 Simple Home Improvements That Boost Curb Appeal

You can tell when a house has curb appeal when you see it, and you can tell when it doesn’t. However, it might be difficult to define exactly what makes one house on the block so much more welcome than the other. You don’t need a lot of money to have great curb appeal. Color and contrast, balance, and little TLC are all things you’ll need. Like a container of yellow flowers against red brick, contrast defines what our eyes see first. Balance, such as a thoughtfully planned flower bed or symmetrical window boxes, has a subtle effect on our first perceptions. Stability is communicated through balance and symmetry. Take a look at some of the best curb appeal ideas; with these professional tips, you’ll be ready to put your best foot forward.

1. Garage Door

From the street, garage doors are generally the most prominent feature, yet they lack the detail and depth of the rest of the house. Temporary or magnetic decorative hardware, such as handles, hasps, and false window panels, is a quick fix that takes no commitment (and nearly no effort). Garage doors can also be painted, and a change from basic white (or worse, a dingy whitish) can make a big difference. Paint the garage the same color as your siding to blend in (and make that sometimes-eyesore disappear), or choose a contrasting color to complement your front door. If you pick a fast-drying exterior semi gloss paint, this can be a weekend project.

2. Trim Shrubs

When it comes to pruning, if your shrubs appear “leggy” or have more branches than greens, they probably need additional snipping. You want to provide light and oxygen to the plant so that it can flourish both inside and out. It will become denser and fuller as a result of this. Pruning should be done by hand with very sharp tools; motorized pruners only skim the surface, which might result in light obstruction and poor air circulation. Granted, you don’t have to prune every plant in your yard. Popular hedge species like boxwood, holly, taxus, privet, and cherry laurel benefit from frequent trimming, but others like junipers, spruces, and cedars don’t. To find out how much upkeep your plants require, go to an expert at your nursery or perform a fast internet search.

3. New Mailbox

Another important aspect of any home that is frequently overlooked in terms of its effectiveness as a curb-appeal booster is the mailbox. Installing a mailbox near to your front door rather than at the curb is one method to elevate it and make it stand out from the crowd. If you want to relocate your mailbox, check with your local postmaster to see if it’s possible. A short search online reveals dozens of alternatives in every design imaginable if you merely want to replace the curbside mailbox with a new, better-looking model.

4. New Windows

When it comes to the advantages of window replacement, curb appeal is only the beginning. Finally, windows contribute to the attractiveness (or lack thereof) of our dwellings. As a result, choosing something that complements your aesthetics is now more affordable than ever. For example, even in well-lit homes, you may buy windows with extra UV protection to keep your skin protected. There are other windows that are designed to be more sound-proof, energy-efficient, and heat-retaining. Many places provide window funding and easy-to-understand financing options for replacement windows. 




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