Most Scenic Bridges Of The World

If you are the kind to drive around or travel by road or rail, then we are sure that you have come across bridges during the course of your travels. While many of us don’t give much thought to bridges, you have to admit that they are a sight that is fascinating. While many of us do not see bridges as an art form in the purest sense, a deeper look at the art of architecture and the beauty of it that went into their construction and you will see what we mean. Water bodies benefit from the addition in the form of a scenic bridge no matter what the scale of it. That is why some of these ridiculously cool indoor pool ideas will benefit from a bridge across it.

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You will see that the best bridges and the visions they create are due to the fact that their design has been done taking into consideration the natural features of the place in question. It makes sense that the design and material are indigenous to the place where it is built for longevity, pricing, and durability of the structure. You will agree with us when you see these engaging examples of lovely bamboo houses that look so perfect for the location they are in.

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The fact is that bridges are lasting works of art that our architects and engineers have designed and built for us that are used on a daily basis without much thought to the effort to make them the way they are. Many a person is known to exclaim to exclaim at the sheer artistic and aesthetic appeal of this lovely structure only when they have spent time away from it. This is sad but true. However, when you take bridges from the pure scenic and thereby artistic point of view, you will find that they are indeed very pleasing and even moving.

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Scenic bridges are those that seem to almost blend into the scenery of the place without seeming out of place. Sometimes you cannot even imagine what life would have been before the bridge was built. The best part of the artistic and aesthetic appeal of bridges is that they are not of the standard make. In fact you can see the most technologically advanced bridges that seem to hang in midair and have features like being able to open and close and do other things on the one hand and the most rustic ones on the other hand. What makes them so wonderful is that both of them have an equal but different kind of appeal to the onlooker.

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One has to only watch the  movie ‘Bridges of Madison County’, which though a moving romantic story also has bridges as the central theme. It is only when the protagonist in the movie comes to capture the bridges that he falls in love with the woman he meets during the course of his travels. While many people would have focused on the complicated and intense love story unfolding (as they should), do look at the lovely bridges shown in the movie to know what we mean by scenic bridges.

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The fact is bridges span the whole smorgasbord of the crudest to the most advanced ones but each has a lot of utility and artistic appeal in them. In fact, those of us who have traveled by train will vouch for this fascination when the train they are travelling in passes above a river. There is something so thrilling and appealing while looking down on the river water flowing as you see the bridge that is built across it for road traffic.


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