The Art Of Architecture And The Beauty Of It

It is a pastime of many people to stop and look at buildings and this is something that many people confess that they find very soothing. When you look at an attractive building, we are sure that your first thought is to dream of living in it. But once you are over that wishful thought, you would wonder about who designed it and how they went about doing it. If you have ever wondered at the design of a building either from the present or from the past, then you should know that buildings are designed by architects. While there is a lot of debate on this subject, there is no doubt that architecture has a huge element of art in it, even if it has a scientific basis. You need to look at these wonderful origami architecture patterns to see the artistic element in architecture.

architecture 1

architecture 2

The wonderful art of architecture though needing a creative bent of mind and a lot of artistic skills, still needs a base in science. This is because buildings not only need to look good but also be durable to withstand the vagaries of weather and the wear and tear of usage. That is why when you look at and enjoy these cityscapes in the form of urban sketches, then do remember how much planning and effort has gone into the construction of these buildings. People who are interested in the art of architecture and want to study it in detail, would definitely like to look at architectural examples of the past. If you are so inclined towards the art of architecture and want to know more about it, then you should visit these beautiful castles around the world to study and learn about different types of architectural designs.

architecture 3

architecture 4

If you are still not convinced that architecture can be considered art, then you should consider this – buildings in as far as structure and strength are concerned are the area of expertise of civil or structural engineers. These are the people who tend to look at the construction of a building from a purely technical point of view. But when it comes to the design aspect of a building and keeping the building in terms of looks and design within the purview of the environment and the design choices, this falls under the range of the architect.

architecture 5

architecture 6

That is why, someone who is wanting to be part of the art of architecture will have to undertake studies not only related to the design and artistic aspects of building but also the technical aspects. This is because unlike other forms of art, where the work of art is mainly for the sensory pleasure of seeing, buildings need the benefit of being durable enough to be used. Normally any building designed by an architect will definitely have the aesthetic aspects of the building but it will also have to consider the environment and climate of the place where the building is going to be based at.

architecture 7

architecture 8

The architect will also have to consider that buildings are built for a particular purpose like for living in it or for official purposes. This means that the building has to be durable and usable. These are probably the factors that make people doubt that architecture is pure art. The truth is that the art of architecture is more than mere art but it does have a strong foundation in the world of art. One only has to look at famous buildings monuments around the world to acknowledge this. If you are still not convinced about the artistic aspects of architecture, do look at the pictures given here to grip this concept.


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