Bottle Art – Infinite Beauty From Recycling Waste

They say great art is born not from the hands of the art but from the vivid imagination and creativity of the artist. This is proven when you look at art from junk, recycling in art form that proves that nothing can leave the artistic eye and mind untouched. If you are looking for projects like that, then there are many amazing but simple recycling ideas that you can use for inspiration. This is where art using bottles comes into the picture and when you look at some of the images that we have given here, you will find yourself marvelling why you did not think of it yourself.

bottle art 3
Image Credit: Nancy Keating

bottle art 4

bottle art 5

bottle art 6

The thing is when it comes to art, even newspapers cannot be overlooked. If you do not believe us, the look at craft ideas using newspaper that is being recycled. The thing is art using bottles is something that you can do easily given  that it is simple and all you need in the way of supplies is some paint, some glitter and things like beads, flowers, spangles etc.

bottle art 7

bottle art 8

bottle art 9

bottle art 10

Here Are Some Ways That You Can Get Started On Bottle Art:

Retain old bottles of interesting shapes: When you come across some bottles with interesting shapes, like those that come in different shapes, textures, and sizes. These need to be thoroughly cleaned before you start using them for the purpose of art. You will find that glass bottles come in more handy when it comes to artistic projects as compared to plastic bottles though these too come in handy.

bottle art 11

bottle art 12

bottle art 13

bottle art 14

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