20 Amazing But Simple Recycling Ideas

Life gives us both pleasures as well as pitfalls and as we grow up and grow older, we learn to deal with both with an equanimity. However, life also gives us some opportunities where pleasures that are simple but immensely pleasing come to us and we should make the most of these. Surprisingly, one such pleasure is using stuff that we thought was useless to making something useful. Yes, we are talking about the immense pleasure that one can get from recycling.

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The thing that strikes us most about recycling is that though it is very satisfying, it is simple and so good for the environment; it has still not caught on, as it should. Some of the reasons for this could be attributed to the fact that people are not aware of how pleasurable it is and that they lack the idea on how to get started. You should take the time to look at the most creative recycled utensil sculptures by Subodh Gupta to get an idea about the immense possibilities in this area.

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Once you do that, your mind will turn to complicated things like sculpting on metal, which has fascinating aesthetic and practical uses, but we would advise you to start small. You can move on to bigger recycling projects once you have gotten the hang of the idea behind simple recycling ideas. Soon you will be thinking about what inspired the works of Andy Warhol and learn some facts about pop art. However, before you go into full recycled art project mode, we would advise you to try some of the simple recycling project ideas that we give below:

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Tyres for seats: Normally people struggle with disposing tyres, why not cover it up with coir netting to make it into an ottoman seat? This is a good way to use up a tyre that is only going to lie around till you are able to throw it away.

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Bottles for plants: We all have soft drinks at home and tend to buy those huge bottles of. Once the drink is finished, we think nothing of throwing the bottle away. You can actually cut of the tops and put them in reverse on top of the bottle and fill them with mud and use this to plant indoor plants. The bottom portion will hold any water that drips down and this looks really good.

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Cup sets to bird feed: Tie a cup that is chipped and you are ready to throw away by the handle with a bit of rope. Let it rest on a saucer (stick these together) and fill this with bird seeds and use it to feed birds around the garden.

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