Craft Ideas Using Newspaper That Is Being Recycled – 20 Of Them

Recycling is something that has come into its own and we feel that it is just about time that this happened. When we think of the art aspect of it, then it is like an added bonus. That is why we need to appreciate things like the most creative recycled utensil sculpture by Subodh Gupta. And when we think of craft ideas or projects that use mundane things like newspaper, it is like an added bonus. That is why you need amazing but simple recycling ideas that cut down on waste and uses up creativity.

However, not everyone can get into projects like sculpting on metal; fascinating aesthetic and practical as it is, that is why you have craft ideas that use your humble newspaper.

Craft Ideas Using Newspaper That Is Being Recycled

That is why, without much ado we present here many craft ideas using newspaper:

newspaer craft ideas hats

newspaper craft ideas art

newspaper craft ideas basket weave

newspaper craft ideas beads


Hats for a party: This is a simple project that uses up newspapers and can add a fun aspect to any part.

Flowers on the branch: A branch that has a bunch of newspaper made flowers looks cute and beautiful. Spray with glitter or color to make it better.

Make a dress: This is somewhat quirky and cute and can be a nice idea to try if you are looking for a photo opportunity using newsprint dress.

Art on the wall: Using glossy newspapers artfully cut into designs can make a nice wall art piece.

Bags for gifts: You can use newspaper to make simple bags to give away gifts in.


newspaper craft ideas coiled paper ornaments

newspaper craft ideas dress

newspaper craft ideas earth globes

newspaper craft ideas flowers

Wreath of rolled flowers: Make a lovely wreath with rolled newspapers and add a touch of glamour with paint and glitter.

Globe: This project could be a tad messy, but using newspapers and involving your kids could make it a nice craft idea.

Silhouettes with Newsprint: This idea comes in handy during times like Halloween or for some celebrations.

Wrapping gifts: You can use newspaper to wrap gifts and put a bow with the same material.

Weave baskets: You can use newspapers to weave and create a recyclable basket out of them.

newspaper craft ideas gift bag

newspaper craft ideas large flowers

newspaper craft ideas santa

newspaper craft ideas seedling pots

newspaper craft ideas shimmer tree

Create a shimmer tree: Make this tree with newspapers and then spray on some glitter to make it prettier.

Ornaments out of coiled paper: You can create newspaper chains that look good and can also be considered a nice project for any occasion.

Birds of newspaper: This is a great craft project that you can do with recycled newspapers that you can involve your kids in.

Pirate swords: Use recycled newspapers to make swords that your kids and other kids in the neighborhood can use to play with.

Matting of recycled newspapers: It is pretty easy to do once you get the hang of it and it also looks pretty good when the project is completed.

newspaper craft ideas silhouttes on newsprint

newspaper craft ideas wall art

newspaper craft ideas wrap and bow

newspaper craft ideas wreaths

newspaper craft ideas star

Make a banner with newspapers: When you are celebrating a special occasion like a baby shower or for any other occasion, cutting out words from newspapers can be a good idea.

Piggy Bank: Use newspaper paper mache to create a piggy bank for your kids to use. This will teach them about recycling, conserving and saving in a simple way.

A wig of newspaper: This is something that will come in handy when you or your kids are taking part in some sort of celebration.

Toys with paper mache: This is another useful idea for using recycled newspapers and can be used either as a toy or as a decoration around the home.

Coiled Coasters: This is a very simple and neat looking recycling project that will come in very handy around the home. It is a great way to use up newspapers that you are intending to get rid of anyway.


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