Art From Junk – Recycling In Art Form!

Art can surprise you at times by the amount of practicality involved. A case in point being art that is created from what otherwise would have been considered junk. Yes, art has a lot to do with imagination and in this case, some artists have gone so far as to look at things we would throw away normally as raw material for artworks. You just have to look at examples of melted crayon art to realize the truth of this.

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art from waste 2

Some artists have really made good use of their imagination and talent to create masterpieces so stunning that one can only shake their head in wonderment about how they came up with the idea in the first place. Look at the list of 10 progressive artists in the 21st century to get a glimpse of really radical art. Another stunning example of the mundane becoming incredible art is by looking at the perfectly imperfect sculptures of Bruce Catalano.

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The idea of making art from junk need not really be restricted to great masterpieces but can be simple home projects that you can involve the whole family in. It would be a way of converting things that you do not use into objects of art. It is a simple but really exciting way of getting the whole family enthusiastic to the idea of recycling and making use of things.

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Here Are Some Ideas That You Can Get Started On:

Painting eggshells to make them art pieces that can be used for decoration around the home. This is something that kids can really get into and feel enthusiastic about.

art from waste 7

at from waste 8

Making a patchwork quilt from bits of fabric that are left from other projects. This is a way of keeping memories alive and also making something that will be useful around the home. The only thing that you have to remember is that a project of this level will need some skills and perseverance.

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