40 Creative Paper Quilling Designs and Artworks

When you talk about art and the materials used in creating art, we rarely think of paper as being a significant raw material but it actually is. Not only in the form of providing a surface to draw but in other forms. Take for instance, proper and pretty paper quilling ideas, which use paper as the raw material and is a great way to make picturesque art. But if you think that creative paper quilling designs and artworks is the only way to go then we have to tell you that there are other art forms too. Take for instance pretty and colorful paper cut Christmas decorations.

The thing is that creative paper quilling designs and artworks can only work well if you explore paper quilling tutorials to learn how to create some paper magic.

Creative Paper Quilling Designs and Artworks

Make a meditating Buddha that will charm people and make you feel calmer as well.

A Kathakali mask is something that is absolutely right for paper quilling.

A mermaid outline with flyaway blonde hair is a great project to work on.

A charming belle of the ball in an spread out dress is a great work of art too.

Bicycle with basket full of flowers is a great project too.

A bunch of balloons with a home attached.

Some modern art with plenty of colors.

A square aquarium anyone?

Some woodland creatures at their charming best around the tree.

Butterflies are always a great art project.

Pastel colored bicycle that any girl would love to collect flowers on a sunny day.

A little girl in a teacup for a whimsical touch.

A paper quilled elephant can be an ultimate art project to work on.

Camera composed with paper quilled bits.

A heart shaped figure made out of paper quilled bits and shapes.

A colorful unicorn with paper quilled bits and pieces.

The moon is always a great inspiration to art.

Quill a bride in profile complete with her bridal bouquet.

A random cornucopia of colors and shapes artfully arranged for the best effect.

A flowery curve that can be a seahorse or a giraffe neck or something else.

Alphabets with decoration is a good thing to start with.

Cute little paper quilled owlets.

Snowflakes is another thing that you can do to add to the holiday cheer.

A cute baby elephant is a great art project to encourage anyone.

Love written with paper quilled shapes is a great way to decorate your home and spread warm vibes.

A squid with numerous tentacles is always a worthy work of art.

Flowers with leaves is another thing you can try.

The head of an African elephant done in a colorful way.

A ship in stormy waters is a complicated and fun project.

Say hello to everyone who walks into the house.

A peacock with its tail in a dance mode and you can do this with many colors.

A fancy tree of the likes that you have never seen before.

A cute little kitty cat waiting to be petted by you.

A colorful and bohemian themed skull that will be anything but scary.

A cat with a twist in the tail.

A lady with colorful turban and a multicolored parrot on her shoulder.

A heart shape with lovely designs on the outside.

A scary but still pretty little butterfly.

A ballerina with a colorful tutu.

A simple flower with symmetrical petals.

What do you say? Which one would you like to start your creative paper quilling project? Do tell us what you did and share the pictures of your art work.


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