20 Science Activities For Preschoolers

If you or somebody close to you has kids, then you know how important it is to ensure that their energies are engaged in a positive way. Most children seem to have lots of energy and when people who take care of them like parents, teachers and babysitters are able to channelize their energies in the right way then the kids not only keep busy but also learn as they engage in the activity. That is why it a good idea to have simple and little magic tricks for kids to get them curious in the activity.

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Another thing about art is that it is art for the senses and art for earning too, which means they get the sense of enjoying art and also realizing the commercial side from a younger age itself. You could start off with some simple projects like art of soap carving that is perfect for beginners.

Science Activities For Preschoolers

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If You Are Looking For Some Science Activities For Preschoolers, Here Are Some Ideas That Could Work:

Mix Oil and Water: The simple art of mixing water and oil could demonstrate the fact that they do not mix to small kids. Plus they will enjoy this messy and interesting experiment

Show them hourglass clock: You can buy a hourglass and teach your children about how the flow of sand is a measure of time. They will find this very fascinating to watch and they can also learn something from this.

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Potato stabbing with a straw: You can create some air pressure and use this to pick up a potato and this can be an experiment that small kids would enjoy

Dissolving sugar or salt in water: You can have your kids dissolve sugar and/or salt in water to show them how the process works. It is never too early to start teaching your kids about stuff.

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Help them make a musical instrument: The simple act of stretching a rubber band across a box and strumming it will create music. And this is something they can try with different boxes to get different sound effects

Making balloon speaker: You can tie a balloon to one of those play flutes that you get and blow air in it to create a louder noise level.


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