20 Science Activities For Preschoolers

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Make invisible ink: Rubbing soap on paper and use lemon juice to create an invisible ink effect that kids will love to play with.

Ice making: Show them how liquids expand when frozen by demonstrating the freezing of water to make ice.

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Make a homemade parachute: It is simply a matter of tying strings to a bit of cloth or soft plastic to make a parachute which kids can throw from heights to see how parachutes work.

Plant seeds: The process of germination that will make your kids in love with nature. Have them plant some seeds and ask them to watch the process of germination.

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Have them make a phone: Use paper cups and string and ask them to make phones that they can use to talk to each other.

Kaleidoscope: This is something that is easy enough to put together with some cardboard tubes, mirrors and some odds and bits. Kids love looking at these designs.

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Wind vane: This is another project that is easy and very educative and kids will love to go up and look at it to see the direction of the wind.

Bounce balls: Use balls of various types and throw them with different kinds of forces to teach kids about action, reaction and other things.

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Paper plane: This has been a classic part of a kids’ lives in school and is a great way to teach small kids about aerodynamics.

Pendulums: This is another simple science activity that kids will love and is a way of teaching them about science.

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Law of gravity: What goes upwards must come back to earth

Magnets: Another fascinating thing that kids can learn and play with magnets and how iron gets attracted to them.

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Yeast reaction: Another fascinating thing that kids can be involved in is the process of bread making with the use of yeast.

Floating: Teaching kids about what can float and what cannot float is another thing that you could try.

Bubbles: Blowing bubbles and learning could turn out to be the favorite activity of your kids.


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