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10 Simple And Little Magic Tricks For Kids

You must have seen someone do a magic trick and wondered how it works. It you are just taking baby steps into the world of magic tricks then these are just right for you. Go forth learn them and keep your friends a great treat.

  • Royal flush: For this you need a pack of cards. To get this trick going you need to place the Ace, King, Queen, Jack and ten of spades or any one of the suites on top of the pack. The trick is here to deal 5 piles of 5 cards each. The cards you need will be at the bottom of each pile. Then pick up and stack the cards carefully and deal out five cards in five piles, the cards will automatically fall in the same pile and viola you have your trick.

  • Four aces: This is the simplest one. You get one of the audience to shuffle the cards and put it in four stacks. The aces will come on top. Magic! To do the trick you need to place all the aces on the top. Then ask the person to cut the stack into 4. He should then pick up the non ace piles, he should take 3 cards from the top part and place one card each in the other stacks, twice. Then do the same with other stacks. Now there are three cards on top of the Aces. Then ask him to do the same action with the last pile. They will now be placing the aces on top of the stacks. Show them and see their stunned look.

  • Bite Out Quarter: You can get this trick at a store. To do this take a coin and bite it,. You will have bitten off a portion of the coin with the teeth. Now blow on the coin to make it reappear.

  • ABRACADABRA: Take 21 cards and deal them out in three stacks of 7 cards each. As you deal one to each stack till your reach 7. As you deal you can see the card behind. Ask one in the audience to pick a card and tell you from which stack it is. Then pick one stack other than that and them and the other one and deal the cards again and once more. You will know where his card is ask him to say Abracadabra and then start dealing the cards, the last one will his.

  • String Magic Trick: It will seem like you roll thread into ball with fingers and then swallow it. On getting a stomach pain you will pull thread from stomach.  Get 2 parts of the same thread and new skin from the store. First paint a two inches square with new skin on your tummy. Once it dries out make a small pocket to conceal one part of the thread. Leave some out for pulling. Pretend to swallow the thread and pretend the pain after concealing the thread. Then pull the thread from the tummy area. A little practice will make it work.

  • Mind Reading Trick: Write down something and ask your audience to think of a number from 1-100. The paper will show the number written on it. You need to prepare by taping a small bit of lead from the pencil with clear tape so that it cannot be seen. Pretend to write but do not write. When the spectator says the number simply write it while pretending to concentrate.

  • Floating Ring Trick: Simply soak a piece of thread in really salt water and dry it out. Take a ring and tie it to the thread on the head. Light the string so that it burns and salt particles will hold up the ring in the water.

  • Ice Ice where did the water go: Pour water in a cup and when you turn it upside down, ice comes out. Simply put some sponge in an opaque glass. Add ice cubes on top. The water gets absorbed into the sponge and when you turn it upside down the ice will fall out.

  • Penny Prediction: A hat with same type coins is given out. Ask people to look and see the differences and ask one to sign on it.. Once done collect in the hat again and then concentrate to come up with the signed coin. Simply put once the coin is passed around the audience it will be warm and this will enable to pick.

  • Static Cigarette: Put cigarette on table and tell people that you have electricity that is static. Rub arm to create some effect and then place on cigarette and it will move.  The trick is to blow on the cigarette when your rub your arms subtly so that when you put your hands in front of it, it will come to you.