Get Your Head in the Game: Tips to Take the Perfect Business Headshots

Tips to Take the Perfect Business Headshots

Headshots are not what they used to be. Be creative with your next headshot. Here are some tips to take the perfect business headshots.

Does it matter what your business headshots look like?

According to research, people can accurately rate how trustworthy a person. They do this by evaluating subtle facial expressions.

Yes, a bad headshot can make you look untrustworthy, mean, guilty, weird, or forgettable. But a great headshot can represent you in a positive light.

You may wonder how to take a good headshot. Read on for some handy tips for professional headshots.

Let’s get snapping!

Matchy Matchy

The goal of your business headshots is to represent your brand. Some styles work for some but not for others.

For example, a lawyer would need to give professional vibes. To do this, they could wear a suit and use a plain background. Whereas a creative business owner may want arty headshots that are a bit more casual. 

Dress to Impress

Another business headshot tip is to represent yourself positively through your clothing. There are some deadly sins you should avoid:

  • Graphic logo t-shirts (even if it’s punny)
  • Band shirts (they may be cool now, but not next year)
  • Thin stripes (they may cause a rippling effect on your photo)
  • Removing your glasses (if you wear your glasses all the time, keep them on)

Always remember to stay away from major trends and go for something classic. Or your photo may look dated after a year or so.

Less Is More

When styling your makeup and hair, make sure you keep things simple. Try to look as natural as possible and represent what you actually look like. For example, don’t wear bright red lipstick if you don’t normally wear it.

Caked on foundation never looks good in photos. But a little powder (for both men and women) can stop your skin from looking shiny.

Fancy hairstyles can look over the top. Keep it simple and be sure it looks neat and tidy, with no messy strands sticking out. You might need to give it a comb through beforehand.

And whatever you do, don’t get a haircut right before your photo shoot in case it goes wrong!

Get Clicking

When it’s time to get clicking you should follow these vital business headshot tips:

  • Have good posture (it will show you are confident and professional)
  • Relax (stay loose and keep it natural, or you’ll look stiff and awkward)
  • Use your best side (if you’re not confident about a certain facial feature, tell the photographer)
  • Smile (it makes you look more trustworthy)
  • Get many shots (different angles, colors, and backdrops will leave you with a selection to choose from)

Don’t forget to use natural or professional lighting. Get the right angle, so that there are no double chins or ugly shadows. And choose a simple backdrop that doesn’t detract away from the focus – you!

Hire a Professional

No, a selfie won’t cut it. If you want a great business headshot, you MUST hire a professional. You can see the quality of a professional photo from a mile away.

It’s always good to find someone who specializes in headshot photography so that they know exactly what they’re doing. For instance, Mike Sansone is a professional photographer who specializes in headshot photography.

Update Business Headshots Regularly

One final tip for business headshots is to update them often. As your brand and image evolve, you should make sure your headshots get updated too.

So, you’re ready with your headshot. Do you feel confident enough to take on the world? Check out these inspiring quotes that’ll help you to achieve your goals.


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