40 Striking Quotes To Achieve Big In Life

Life is big and short at once,
You can’t always simply rest.
Arise and shine on your own,
Eventually you will reach your nest.
What do you think is big in life? Is it having loads of money but no one to share it with or is it having a few pennies with loved ones close by? Is it having a mansion where there are servants more than those who live in it or is it having a cute little country house with two and a half kids and a lovely partner? Inspire yourself with these will-strengthening soulful quotes that are just so true about life.

Everyone wants to have something big. And everyone wishes for something different and unique. Whether its rich or poor, young or adult, everyone waits for something big and enormous in life. The number of people, the number of desires! The more people vary, their ‘big’ varies in accord with them. In this complex life, maybe these quotes on karma may push you to think straight and win!

Someone’s big might be someone’s small and vice versa. There might be a girl who wishes for a lovely bike whereas there’s this guy who want a brand new sexy car. Someone might want to have a perfect job in a fine company with higher prestige while some other person wants to own the very same company. Definition of big is different for different people but at the end it is simply that – BIG! Just stay confident and smart!

Striking Quotes To Achieve Big In Life

So how do you think you can have your ‘big’? After all it’s real life no? Simply having a desire or wishing to achieve something wouldn’t help. You need to do something about it. You’ve got to wake up and work on it. Sitting idle and doing nothing will never help, believe me.

Wanna reach to that big of your life then you need to rise and start walking. Walk and then run! Who knows, you might fly later! Start today, why wait for tomorrow? Life is full of twists and turns so unless you don’t start today, you’ll never reach your destination on time. Because time waits for none! The clock is ticking continuously so better hurry. And what use is of your- big, if by the time you reach to it it’s not big anymore. So work hard and give it all of your best!

Aspiring something and working to achieve it is as different as night and day. It’s not going to happen that you’ll get success the day you started to act on it. Neither will you acquire something in just no time. Everything comes at its appropriate time. You never get anything before its perfect time or after it. So patience is important.

Planning is important in every aspects of life. You don’t get succeed without having some plans. Having no plans is like walking with a blindfold covering your eyes. Where neither you see your destination nor can you see the path leading to it. So what will you do? Waste your time wandering around or plan and reach to your goal in impeccable time?

We all know that life is never easy. It has its ups and downs and it loves to throw lemon on us whenever possible. It’s kind of life’s favorite hobby, isn’t it? So whenever an obstruction occurs or a problem hits you, you shouldn’t stop or give up. These hindrances and difficult circumstances that occur are what actually that makes your goal worth it. So to accomplish your ambition, you must know how to make lemonade from these lemons and how to walk past these troubled paths.

Always be ready! Yeah, be ready for anything and everything that you may face in your life. Whether it’s a rejection or antipathy or a distraction that crosses your course, you need to be ready to face them. And not only just face them but to overcome them as well. Don’t be disheartened or lose hope because of them. They are just nature’s few of those tests that make you more strong and determined.

A few Quotes to Achieve Big in Life

  • Someone’s big is someone’s small but they both hold an esteemed value.
  • Life is never easy nor will achieving your big, so simply keep walking with a brave heart.
  • Don’t wonder how far away is your destined goal; think how long have you already come.
  • A big is only big when it’s achieved after facing some troubles and obstructions.
  • Wanting something huge and gigantic is fine but working to get it is excellent.
  • Even a minuscule of success is worth enough if it’s achieved with hard work and patience.
  • Never expect a path to be easy. Only a fool will think like that.
  • A success is illusion, at the end of your course you just get a new you!
  • On your way to your something big, you will also get experience, determination and the ability to face anything without any terror.
  • Don’t think how far across is your goal, it will only hinder your speed.
  • A path crossed in hurry will never teach you the real worth of your ambition.
  • If it’s easy don’t go that way, you might end up in lot of trouble.
  • Its fine to feel disheartened at once but don’t give up on your faith.
  • Take genuine help in your journey, only people of pure soul are capable of giving it.
  • A difficult path can either make you or break you. It’s all about what you want to be -winner or a loser.

After going through all the hindrance when you actually get your big, you will not only have something huge to hold on to but also you will feel enormous. So stick to your path and don’t let go. Neither your hope, your wishes and desires and nor your big! Life won’t be good to you always. So be ready with such strong thoughts when life throws your a curveball.


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