Wondering How Much The Next Tattoo Will Hurt?

If you are planning to get a tattoo done, we are sure that you would have done some due diligence on this subject. Not only should you look in to the design aspect and why you want to get it but also at how much it is going to cost you in terms of money, after care and pain. Yes, you do have to consider this aspect too though people may tell you that considering the long-term implications of having a tattoo is important, but the pain factor also needs to be given due consideration. The next time you find yourself drooling over valiant gladiator tattoo designs, then do think about the kind of hurt that you will have to go through before being able to show this lovely tattoo off.


If your pain threshold is on the lower side, then it is better to go with something that has a simpler design like a basic version of lovely origami tattoo designs in trend so that the pain is lesser when compared to more intense and dense designs. By now, you must have gathered that the kind of tattoo design you pick out will also have an effect on the kind of pain you will have to go through. But do you think that is it? No, not at all, in fact a tattoo enthusiast has put together a pain meter for people who are getting a tattoo for the first time so that they know what kind of pain they have to go through when they go to get one. Therefore, the next time you find yourself drooling over cute and artsy snowflake tattoos, do consider the points given here.


The feeling generally among tattoo lovers is that it is worth any amount of pain to get a tattoo done but you have to be careful about where you get it and how intense a tattoo design it is going to be. It also depends on what kind of personality you have; for people who are very uptight and finicky, the pain is going to be more than for people who are laidback and relaxed.


As anticipated, places like neck, head, face and hands are going to be more painful than other parts of the body. The tattoo enthusiast who took up this study asked questions by comparing people’s reaction different kinds of pain like getting stung by wasps, paper cuts, injections, etc.


You also have to be aware that the kind of needle that is used, which will depend on the tattoo style will also affect the pain levels you feel. Traditional tattoos use thicker needles and more intricate tattoos require thinner needles, which can be very painful on the areas of the body with thinner skin.


The detailed study also asked about the pain relative to the kind of equipment used like rotary or coil. Another factor you have to consider is the artist’s skill and some artists are known to be magical with a light touch that only pains for a while and that too lightly. According to this tattoo enthusiast and the chart he has made for the painful spots to get a tattoo, the ones that may pain the least are the upper arm, wrist, calf, forearm and ankle, which could be the way bones and skin is arranged there.


The thing is tattoos in joints like knees and elbows could cause pain as the healing process there could be affected by the movement factor here. The points that may pain the most are the genitals, feet, fingers, hands, head, buttocks, neck and lower back, maybe again due to the way skin and bones are arranged here.


We feel that you should talk to others who have tattoos and ask them about their pain experience and then only decide to go for it or not.


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