40 Ways To Repurpose Horse Shoe Like A DIY Pro

Who doesn’t know that a horseshoe is supposed to be lucky and why would you not want a nice piece of good luck? I do wish to have a piece of luck, and I am sure you do too. While you decide to own a price of this good fortune, why not own it in some real swag and vogue? Well! Yes, guess what we have in store for you today? Today we are focusing on that little horseshoe hanging around! Are you thinking how? Instead of just hanging it up all plain and lackluster, why not convert it into a nice piece of home decor with these Ways To Repurpose Horse Shoe? Repurposing old flowers is also a fun in itself.

Ways to Repurpose Horse Shoe

A Double Dose

Wind chimes bring good tidings into your home according to Feng Shui and vastu shastra. What if you could get a double dose of good? Wouldn’t that be just being perfect? String up some nice colorful beads and hang some horseshoes at the end with wire – and presto! – You have a nice wind chime to bring tinkling good luck right inside.

Floral Patterns

Horseshoes have a nice semi-circular shape and they would make really nice petals. So unleash your creative side and arrange horseshoes into any kind of floral pattern and hang it up on your living room or bedroom wall. These are nice ways to repurpose horse shoe that will draw eyes for their innovative use!

Say it from the Heart

Take some old horseshoes and have your local smith beat them into heart shapes. Two hearts are always better than one, so intertwine the two hearts and hang them up – to show true love still exists in this world. Bring positive vibes into your place of abode.

Shelves and Racks

If you are the kind who has to have something useful instead of merely decorative check out this particular way to repurpose horse shoe. Horseshoes are made of iron and can make some really strong brackets for your shelves and racks. Just find someone who can weld the horseshoes together or nail them to a board to use as a simple coat rack.

Bling Always Works

I like jewels and the glamor they represent. If you feel the same, stud your old horseshoe with some paste jewels and hang a tiny cross in the middle. Take my word for it! It will draw the eyes of everyone who sees it.

Throw Some Light

Some power tools will allow you to take old horseshoes that no one wants and weld them into a nice lamp base. Some fancy lampshades to go with it and you have a unique piece for your home that no one else has. Cool, isn’t it?

Welcome Sign

A home is where you entertain your friends and family and make them feel welcome. Instead of a store-bought welcome sign, make a nice piece with horseshoes forming each letter of the word. You will need to beat a few into the right shape and nail them in place, but that is all.

Key Holder

Losing your keys every now and then? Here is the perfect solution. Paint an old horseshoe and hang it on a wall, with some nice big nails jutting out for holding all those pesky little keys. You will never have to bang your head looking for those keys again.

Handles n Pulls

Horseshoes can make nice little cupboard handles and drawer pulls if you know your way around some tools. Try it out – and make your guests exclaim with surprise at your creativity.

Cup Holder

Your local hardware store will be the place to get a stand and then nail some horseshoes onto it. Their shape will allow you to hang your tea and coffee cups. Did you ever think of these ways to repurpose horse shoe before?

Holders of all Kinds

Not just cup holder, but if you nail the edges of the horse shoe securely to your wall, you can hang hairbrushes, dryers and what not from them and save some space at the same time. People living in small spaces– this one is for you.

Go Wild

And if you have horseshoes you have lost count of, and Christmas is approaching, make some nice art with a Christmas tree made of horseshoes. You will need a base and a frame to attach the horseshoes to. People will queue up outside your garden to take a look at this one!

Just ’cause horseshoes are powerfully meaningful yet it could also be configured into any shape or object (provided you visualize it correctly and creatively), it makes it special one in the world of art! Appreciations to the ancestors who were bold enough to use it as a home decor back then! Nailing the horseshoe on their door with the belief of protecting it from evil spirits and misfortune may be mythical but the message and oh-so-creative inspirations are still alive and in full form nowadays, isn’t it? Bdw, talking of repurposing and leaving the old shirts untouched is unfair!






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