Good Luck Signs From Across The World

When it comes to luck, we all want to be lucky because it means that events will work in your favor bestowing on you lots of good fortune. However, some believe that luck just doesn’t happen but that you have to make it work for you by working hard and doing the right things while others believe that alongside all the hard work, you also need to keep good luck charms with you. But good luck signs from across the world differ from one culture to another and can vary largely depending on where you are from and even the kind of belief systems that you subscribe to. For instance, basic Feng Shui rules to make your home a place of peace and prosperity could vastly differ from intelligent Vastu-shastra tips for a better home environment though they could have some common points.

While many may believe that working on relaxing indoor fountain ideas may seem like too much effort, there are others who believe that doing this has made all the difference in the world. Which is the reason why we want to have a list of good luck signs from across the world, from which you can pick out the ones you believe in or want to believe in.

Good Luck Signs From Across The World

From nature:

Acorns which are supposed to be the mother of the oak tree are considered to be a sign of good luck. This is really true for Norse folklore, which associate the acorn with Thor the god of thunder and lightning.

Rainbows not only make you smile when you look at them, they also are supposed to symbolize God’s promise to not let the world flood. What is more the Irish believe that leprechauns hide their pot of gold at the end of it.

Eggs show fertility and regeneration and signify the hope that life is just waiting to make its appearance.

From insects:

Crickets on the hearth of a home signify good luck as many believe that their chirping provides a kind of companionship and that they stop chirping when danger comes around.

Ladybugs are not only cute but also bring good luck by helping free you from the cares and worries of daily lives.

Dragonflies with their light appearance denote the winds of change, especially the kind that brings good luck.

Scarabs denote good luck especially according to ancient Egyptian culture as they symbolize the rising sun that drives away evil.

From animals:

Dolphins apart from wanting make you grin idiotically just at the very sight of them also signify good luck as they are supposed to represent protection and sailors on the sea take heart at the sight of them.

Pigs are considered a sign of good wealth and prosperity and charms shaped like this creature bring good luck and wealth.

Tortoises are supposed to bring stability and good luck as per the principles of Feng Shui and along with turtles are supposed to help ward of bad magic.

Elephants: These vast vegetarian mammals symbolize the power to defeat and overcome death and Hindus even believe that the elephant head was used to revive the life of Ganesha, the elephant god.

Red bats symbolize longevity of life according to the Chinese and are also supposed to ward off evil.

Frogs are supposed to bring luck and signify riches, friendship, and plentitude according to many cultures around the world.

A rabbit’s foot and teeth of an alligator are supposed to be good luck symbols that people going on risky ventures are supposed to keep to ensure success in whatever they do.

From plants:

Among plants, the four leaf clover and the bamboo are supposed to signify luck and are given as gifts to close ones to bring them good luck.

From objects:

Horseshoes, dream catchers, red lanterns and coins are all supposed to be things that bring you good fortune to your home and are considered luckier when you come upon them by chance rather than deliberately buying it.


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