40 Simple Cat drawing Examples anyone Can Try

Cats are such creatures that people either love them or hate them but rarely can they ignore them. The cat is one creature that seems to project an aura of being self-absorbed and very happy to be in its own company, which is in stark contrast of the behavior of the other popular pet – the dog. The cat is a sensual creature that does everything with an almost lazy grace. To draw the cat is something that most of us wish to do and this is something that you will be happy to know is really simple. In fact, after you read what we have written and shown, you will thank us for the simple and easy pointers we have given here. The simple cat drawing examples anyone can try can be among the many cute simple drawings to practice. The fact is that you will find cat eyes can be infinitely simpler than having to learn the intricacies of how to draw anime eyes.

In fact, the drawing tips we are going to provide are so simple that you will find it even easier to do than how to draw doodles with step by step charts.

Simple Cat Drawing Examples Anyone Can Try:

This may seem simple or childish but one of the simplest ways to draw the cat figure is by writing the word cat in small letters. Look at the alphabets keenly and you will realize that with the addition of the head it will easily become a cat figure. The curved part of the small a can become the body of the cat. The lines of the a and the t can make the legs of the cat. And the c of the cat can become the tail with its curved look. Once you have the outline of the cat figure done, you will realize that adding a couple of triangles for the pointy ears and the whiskers would be the next step. Once you have these details down pat, you can add other details.

We also suggest another method, which is that of simply drawing three circles, one bigger than the other that all have one part of the outer circle common. Then add details for the tail, the legs tucked in and whiskers along with the smug expression that is typical of the cat and you have a plum kitty right in front of you. The thing is that we are talking here about very simplistic drawings of the cat figure that will allow you to create a rough sketch of the cat.

But to capture the cat in its full essence and to depict the many poses that it tends to assume, you will need to study the cat further. Once you do, you will realize that the snooze position of the cat is one that it assumes the most and spends a lot of time doing. Though the cat appears to be lazy and indolent, there is an air of awareness and preparedness about the cat that also needs to be depicted in the cat drawings you make.

While the domestic cat is not the same as the wild cats that hunt in the jungle, but when you spend some time observing the cat in action, you will realize that the cat does have some of the characteristics of its wilder cousins. They have claws that retract and fangs that show up when it is ready to attack. While drawing the cat, do try and capture these traits as well as without these the visual of a cat would be incomplete.


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