40 Best Examples Of Line Drawing Art

They say that visual arts like drawing, painting and even sculpting starts with the drawing of a line. What if the line itself became the entire art? For those who do not really know what this is all about, the idea may seem both absurd and maybe a bit simplistic, but only until they try their hand at line drawing art. You will know exactly what we mean when you look at the best examples of line drawing art that we have shown here. You just have to take a peek at extraordinary line and wire sculptures to realize how appealing and charming they can be. The thing is that though lines are the basis or the foundation of art, or because they are the foundation, they feature in a lot of art forms.

Best Examples Of Line Drawing Art

For instance, you can see some of the best examples of line drawing art in original line tattoo designs that are not only appealing to look at but also have a lot of significance. Some people believe that unless you master the art of drawing lines to depict something, you will not be able to become a good artist. Even when you look at complete abstract paintings of women, you will realize that you will in any case need to master the art of drawing lines so that you can move on to the next level.

When you look at the line drawing art we have shown here along with this article, you will realize that not all of them are same or even remotely similar. Starting from the simple outline of the flowers and leaves that are shown here that have a life of their own in spite of being composed completely of lines to the most complicated drawing depicting texture, they all have a distinctiveness. Take for example the drawing of the shell composed entirely of lines but still managing to show texture and depth of the spirals on the shell, and you will know what we mean.

The next one just seems to be a collection of lines done in different ways at first but the more you gaze at them, the more you will discover. And the very simple drawing of a woman dancing with her arms outspread may look simple but it is not easy as the few lines seem to speak volumes in this one and is a testament to the skill of the artist. Zentangle drawings seem to draw their own existence from the way the lines are drawn. The many profile drawings shown here of men and women in many poses show different states of mind and emotions without too much effort. Even cute superheroes can look in this format. And the depiction of a woman in profile with a singular line seems so profound.

You can also create surrealistic drawings that shows levers and birds at the same time with the use of simple lines. An entire cityscape can be shown with the use of lines. Those who work only with lines to create their incredible art tend to veer from the simple reality that they wanted to draw to the most fantastic concepts that they can think of. For instance, one of the drawings show the disintegration of a man in such a stark but clear way using just lines.

Stitched Panorama

From a simple feather to a violent fight, all these things can be shown using just lines but it not easy at all. It takes a lot of skill not to mention imagination and dexterity to get right.



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