How To Make A Bow (Step By Step Image Guides)

There are people out there for whom not only is getting a thoughtful and cute gift important, but also the way the gift is wrapped and presented to them. We are sure that most of us give a lot of importance to the way the wrapping makes the gift look even better. The gift giver wants to make sure that the person who receives the gift knows that there is a lot of thought and introspection has gone into selecting the gift. And that the care and consideration extended to the packaging and the presentation of the gift. After all, a gift is not only important in terms of its intrinsic value and utility, but in the joy of unknotting the bow and then taking of the gift wrapping and savoring the whole process before getting to the core of it. The perfect gift would come beautifully wrapped complete with a cute little bow. And this article is going to focus on the bow and how you can make it. It can be part of the craft ideas that kids can use to make homemade gifts, wrap them and tie the perfect little bow before handing it over to someone. Let’s learn how to make a bow step by step by step image guides and make sure you practice and follow the instructions given below.

How To Make A Bow Step By Step Image Guides

You can also look up lovely Japanese gift wrapping ideas to add to your bow making skills to ensure that the gifts you give to people during any occasion that is special. We feel that getting the bow right will ensure that your Christmas craft ideas to try this year are handed over wrapped perfectly and tied with a cute bow to the lucky recipient of your gift.

Have a good selection of ribbons: The key to making a bow is to have a nice set of ribbons. If you are just learning how to tie a bow, then it is better to go with ribbons that are made of a fabric that is slightly stiff so that the bow that you tie stays the way you want it to look. Start with cotton if that makes you feel more comfortable.

Keep a nice pair of scissors with you: A nice sharp pair of scissors is essential for any such project not only to cut the scissors to the right length but also to ensure that once you are done tying the bow, you can make the ends that dangle look fancier. You can cut a simple triangle to make the ends look pointy and make the bow look even better.

The actual process: Take the ribbon that you intend to make the bow out of and fold in half and then for each half, fold the ribbon again into half. Which is to say that you have two loops of ribbon in hand. Then hold the loops in hand and place it crisscross on top of each other. This will ensure that you check that the ends are correctly matched in length and the size of the loops to form the bow are equal. Once you have loops on top of each other, you will see a circle forming below them. Twist one of the loops over the other and bring it through the circle that is formed. Pull the loops tight to make a nice neat loop while ensuring that the loops are equal. Ensure that the tabs hanging are also equal. You can cut them in fancy ways to make it look better.

Go fancy once you master the basic bow: Once you have mastered the basic bow, you can use this to make fancy ones. To get more ideas on the bow tying possibilities, you can check out the images we have given along with this article.


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