10 Craft Ideas That Kids Can Use To Make Homemade Gifts

Getting and giving homemade gifts is a good idea, one that you will do well to introduce to your kids at a young age itself.  The fact is, kids have to be given simple but creative projects that they can start easily and be engaged in without feeling bored or too frustrated. Once you get your kids started on these homemade gifts, then you will realize that there are many cool kids toys you can make yourself. The thing about kids is that they need to be engaged in such a way that their interest and energy is fully focused. That is why, among other projects, it is also a good idea to have a list of Christmas songs for kids to sing alongside some homemade gift ideas for the festive season.

In fact, to make the festive season great but totally in a homemade and simple way is to top the celebrations with some simple and little magic tricks for kids in which you can even engage them.

Here Are Some Homemade Gift Ideas That You Can Engage Even Small Kids Who Are As Young As 6 Years In:

kids craft ideas t shirt yarn coasters

Coasters made of T-shirt yarn: Old T-shirts actually come in handy when it comes to such projects. It is very easy to make coasters with the T shirt yarn that you make from either old T shirts or with cheap ones that you pick up for this purpose.

kids craft ideas bubble fish art

Arty bubble fish: This work requires minimal work but the results are pretty spectacular. You can easily put this together with ease and the kids will have a lot of fun doing this and even playing with this even as they complete it.

kids craft ideas fabric wreath

Wreath made of fabrics: This is the simpler and quicker version of making patchwork quilts, Bits and pieces of fabric can be fashioned and wrapped around a frame to make a unique wreath. With changes in the color scheme, you can ensure that you have one for every occasion.

kids craft ideas bean art

Art with Beans: Draw the outline of a picture and have the kids fill this art outline with different colored beans. It is a fun way to fill in colors into a pictures. The thing is, you can make this project as simple or as complex as you feel your kids can handle.

kids craft ideas scrapletter craft

Craft with scrap letters: You can use mailers and glossy brochures that come to your house to cut up and stick together to make a nice piece of art. You can further embellish this art with beads, glitter etc.

kids craft ideas birdcage lanterns

Lanterns made of birdcages: The thing about using birdcages to make a lantern, is that the structure of the birdcage itself lends to the lamp project in an easy way. You will however need to supervise the project closely to ensure the lamp works well.

kids craft ideas clay egs

One of a kind Easter eggs: The use of clay will make it a delight for young children to do, though the lettering and artwork will need a bit of careful handling and painstaking rendering.

kids craft ideas knit scoks cup cozies

Cup cozy made of knit socks: It is a simple yet very creative idea that you can make very easily. Plus, with the huge possibility in terms of decoration, makes this project very appealing to kids of all ages.

kids craft ideas paper corner bookmarks

Bookmarks made of paper corners: You can actually cut out the templates for kids and just have the kids do the decorating. Or if the kids are older you can supervise their cutting out the bookmarks. It is also a good way to encourage them to take up a reading habit.

kids craft idea decorated picture frames

Picture frames embellishment: Buy some cheap frames from a store and have the kids have a field day decorating these. They can fill these frames with different themes or with random theme. They can even add a quote or two in the frames.


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