Superb Salvaged Wood Art To Make You Salivate

Wood, is one of nature’s bounty that tends to fulfil our needs for something that is both aesthetically acceptable and utilitarian at the same time. Though no doubt a bit more expensive than other materials and requiring a tad more in terms of maintenance, wood still holds its own due to the sheer beauty and hardiness of it. There is no doubt that wood in every form tends to have a beauty that is all its own. For instance, you have driftwood, which is raw beauty waiting to be discovered. And then you have top ideas on woodwork for the satisfaction of working with your hands that can take on a basic or the most sophisticated shape depending on your mood and skill set. However, in this article we are going to be talking of salvaged wood, which is basically wood that is salvaged from various places.






The wood could be salvaged old buildings like barns, warehouses or factories or even from sources like coal mines, barrels, etc. This wood would normally show some of the signs of what it has gone through and this, instead of taking away from the charm of the wood, actually adds to it. You may find that some of you will soon be itching to learn all you need to know about wood whittling because you simply want to get started on it using salvaged wood.






Before we jump into ideas and suggestions of what you can do with salvaged wood, let us start with a caveat. Which is that salvaged wood will have some wear and tear and will not be in the fresh and pristine condition that you expect wood to be in. It will show some signs of the weather and humans having gotten to it. But don’t let this discourage you and in fact, we suggest that you look at ways in which you can use these signs of wear and tear in your work of art. The idea here is not to polish and add sheen to these pieces of salvaged wood for them to imitate (and fail) the look of new wood but to work with the flaws (if you can call them that) that they seem to have.






To start with, take stock of the bits of salvaged wood you have and after spending some time studying them should you even decide on what to do with them. Unlike other projects where the concept dictates what materials and accessories you need, here the material will guide you on the concept and thereafter the accessories. The concept can be as simple as painting or etching a nice quote on the wood to be displayed on the walls of your home. Or it can take on the complex nature of a log lamp that you are going to use to subtly light up your garden. It all comes down to what the wood asks you do with it and where your tastes lie.






We even suggest that you use bits of salvaged wood to cobble the garden path as this will look good and be a comfort in the colder months to your feet. Another simple way to use up salvaged wood is simply cutting it in the shape you want it be in and then adding a sophisticated and shiny accessory like a crystal vase on top for contrast. People will wonder why they cannot stop staring at this work of art. You can also create rough racks for storage using this wood and proudly keep them where people can see them.




The thing is that wood, salvaged or otherwise has a warm beauty that lends itself well to many arts and crafts projects and it is all down to you what you choose to go with.


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