Learn All You Need To Know About Wood Whittling

There are so many pastimes that people indulged in the past that one almost took them for granted. Nobody thought of those activities as art and usually tended to view them with warm affection and mild admiration. It is only today when life has left us with very less time to indulge in such things, do we realize the value of those things and consider classifying them as works of art. Wood whittling that men of the past used to indulge in is one of these. If you have ever wondered what is incidental art and wanted to discover more about it, then wood whittling is definitely part of it.

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If you are wondering what makes wood whittling so different from wood carving or wood sculpture then we would like to clarify that wood whittling is more of a hands on thing that people used to do incidentally rather than with specific intent. In fact, whittling would be something that would come to mind when you look at driftwood and the raw beauty waiting to be discovered. There are many such forms of art that allow you to be a bit more free and unrestrained when it comes to how you go about it like you will discover when you explore the wonderful world of mosaic art.

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In most instances, the process of wood whittling would start with the person doing it selecting a bit of wood to start whittling. In most cases, the whittler would pick out a knife or small enough chisel to start whittling. This is more personal than using a sharp chisel and heavy object to make marks on the wood. In the olden days, when people who made their living off the land indulged in whittling, there were two objectives to doing so. One was to make use of their time and pieces of wood around in a productive manner. Another purpose was to make small toys and pieces of decoration for use around the home by the children and other members of the family.

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Though today you will not find many people picking up wood whittling as means to pass their time, it has been recognized for the almost incidental beauty it creates without the need for heavy machinery or complicated moves to do so. The thing is today we not only look at wood whittling as a suitable hobby or as an indulgence to fulfil your artistic side but also as a therapy.

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Yes, in recent times, mental health professionals have discovered the benefits of using your hands to learn and try some artistic endeavors like crochet, knitting, or even wood whittling. This makes the individual step out of their own mental quagmire and focus on the way their hands work towards making something pretty. The whole process engages the mind even without your being conscious of doing so. Taking up small artistic activities like wood whittling can make you happier and more aware of your heritage while ensuring that your mind is diverted from disturbing occurrences.

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You will know what we mean when you try to take up activities like wood whittling as these are not too difficult nor do they involve a lot of investment in terms of money and resources. You can start on this activity by researching on the softer kinds of wood that are easier to whittle. You will also need to invest in a suitable knife to be able to take this art form up. But even when you consider the raw material and the equipment used, they are small and manageable enough to be transported.


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