25 DIY Bird Feeder Ideas For Kids

Are you one of those people who believes that art should be introduced to the young ones at a young age and that they should be introduced to it in a subtle way? If you are, then we feel that you are going in the right direction. Because we feel that while interest in art is not something that can be forced on someone, it is important to give kids some grounding in it so that they have all the information they need to make an informed choice. And if the art project you are involving them is also ecologically friendly and nature oriented, then you really have a winner on hand. And you have to agree that making bird feeders with your kids does fall into this category, and this is what we are going to talk about in this article. We are sure that there are many worthy projects like paper house projects for kids to do, which will meet this criteria but this one is going to be really fun.












The thing is kids have a lot of energy and it is good to channelize their creativity in the right direction and ensuring that they know the value of money. That is why you can also introduce craft ideas that kids can use to make homemade gifts, which will keep them engaged, interest them in arts and crafts and show them the value of doing things with their own hands. Another good idea would also be to introduce them to simple but really fun sock art to use up all those single socks lying around because it is fun without too much effort. However, this article is about helping kids come up with bird feeder ideas.




We would suggest that you have your kids do some research on what kind of seeds work best as a feed to birds and also spend some time on checking out the birds that visit your home and garden. Once they are clear on this, you can have them turn their minds to studying the kind of container they can use to make the bird feeder. Obviously the idea is to use materials that are lying around and reuse them rather than spend some time on buying expensive materials. And you also have to nudge the kids to start thinking about the feeding mechanism. Which means that they will not have time to fill the feeder everyday which can be difficult given they have school, homework, sports and studies to work on.




This means that they have to figure out a way by which the bird feeder needs to regulate the flow of grains or seeds so that the birds cannot get to them all at once. Some of the different kinds of containers that kids can use to make a bird feeder is old plastic cold drink bottles, cardboard boxes, wooden cartons, ceramic cups and plates, among other things. But the one thing that you need to ask your kids to consider is the fact that the bird feeder is going to be exposed to the elements and they would need to consider this when they choose the container according to this.










The bird feeder would also have to bear the weight of the birds that will perch on it when they pick out the seeds. You also have to teach them that the looks matter as much as the utility of the bird feeder and this is where you need to let their imagination flow. They can actually make a house with provisions for the bird seeds to flow out or a simple basic bird feeder depending on their thinking. You have to also make them understand that they are in charge of filling the bird seed, cleaning the feeder and also making repairs as and when needed.


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