Bedazzling And Beautiful World Of Black And White Art

We know colors are here to stay whether it is in photography or television or even body arts like tattoos, but one cannot deny the intense classic appeal of black and white. There is something so touchingly evocative and striking about black and white that one cannot ignore it even if one wants to. We can’t really say why this is so, though we are sure that each of you out there has their own reasons for liking black and white as do we, but it still defies definition or explanation. Let us just say that when it comes art, some things are and it is better to accept it and enjoy it rather than go in to the reasons why it is so. The likelihood of ignoring black and white art when you learn about the popular painting styles in the modern world or for that matter any era.






If you are not already a big fan of black and white visual arts, then you could be well on the way once you are done with this article. If not any of the paintings, you can always look at kingly black and white portraits of celebrities to see what we mean by being drawn in, in spite of yourself. There are beautiful examples of abstract expressionism art works that will make you wonder how they will look in black and white instead of colors, though there is no denying the way colors make them come alive.






One may be both wrong and right in assuming that black and white is easier to work with than colors. It is easier in the sense that you do not have go through the painstaking process of having to choose a list of colors and shades that you will be using in your work of art. It is tougher in the sense that black and white requires a lot of subtlety and nuances of shading to show the depth that you want to show. What is more, there is also the perception that black and white is flat and does not incite your senses and interest like colors would.






While we cannot really offer you expert instructions on black and white art as we are not the right people to do so, we can offer you some useful observations that you may find useful and insightful. For instance, in black and white art work, the blank spaces are as important as what you paint, if not more. Another aspect that we have noticed about black and white art is that you will need to master all the shades of grey so to speak. This is because the grey is what will help you add depth and texture to your art and without it, you will not be able to bring about the kind of subtle nuances you are aiming for.






One more observation that we have to offer on black and white art is that it need not always be very complicated and in fact, the simple works of art seem to pack a pretty good punch. That is not to say that you always have to go for easy or simple art but that if you are just beginning in this type of art, then you can start with the basic ones before attempting the more complicated ones.





Black and white portraits of faces seem to be somehow more flattering than ones done in colors, though it would be difficult to pinpoint the reason why. But on extensive observation, we have been able to conclude that it is because black and white tends to soften the lines of the face and make the hollows and shadows deeper adding to the charm of the face.


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