Learn About The Popular Painting Styles In The Modern World

Painting for art is no longer restricted to the realm of purist artists but is known to be used by many not only as a means of letting out their inner creativity but also as a means of therapy. To do this, you should no doubt learn about tips and hints like the best acrylic painting techniques so that you can get on with it. But before you do, you should also have at least a rudimentary understanding about the most popular painting style in the modern world. Then you can look at what interests you and go with it like for instance easy pastel paintings for beginners or some other style of painting.

That is why we feel that you should look at different types of paintings and painting styles so that you get to see what the choices are and what appeals to you. You would be surprised at how many types of paintings there are starting from primitive and descriptive cave paintings to the most sophisticated of paintings by the great masters.

Here are some popular painting styles:

Abstract Art

Abstract art: This style of painting does not have a reference to something that exists in reality but alludes to something that is part of the artist’s version or vision of the form that he or she is painting. Even abstract painting has many forms that you can research if you are interested.


Surrealism: This is a modern style of art that takes several images and places them one over the other to create a wondrous image. They tend to have a dreamy quality that is not based in reality and is often attributed to the part of the mind that we are not conscious of.

Conceptual Art

Conceptual art: As the name suggests the concept that the artist considers vital is at the center of such type of work. In many instances, these works of art are more than mere painting and go beyond that.

Pop Art

Pop art: This kind of painting takes on objects that are absolutely part of the modern world with commercial elements playing a huge role in the art that comes about. For instance, the painting can be about even something as mundane as a packet of biscuits.


Photorealism: This form of art actually represents a painting that is as real as a photo. In fact, many of us would find it really difficult to differentiate between such paintings and a photo, such is the amount of detail in them.


Hyperrealism: This form of painting takes photorealism and takes it to the next level by exaggerating the objects they are painting with huge shadows and images.


Minimalism: This movement of art worships the simple and in this an object that is painted is stripped down to the very essence of the object. Unlike other art forms, the artist in this kind of art keeps the details to the minimum.


Futurism: This is a form of art that paints the subject as one visualizes them as being in the future. Which means that it is enhanced and worked upon with the imagination of how technology and science would progress and this can be very interesting one indeed.


Impressionism: This form of painting has its origins in France and in this the focus is on light and how it plays with the object that is being painted. It can sometimes be seen as the perspective or the point of view of the artist and how he or she sees something.


Fauvism: This form of painting retains a realistic impression of the subject being painted but the focus is on strong hues. The artist would also use wild strokes and focus on simple objects.


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