Sea Photography To Bring You Closer To The Wondrous World Of Oceans

Have you ever gazed out at the sea intending to only gaze at it for a while but finding that time has slipped away from you without your even realizing it? That is just one aspect of this wondrous body of salt water that we call the sea or ocean. We are saying that this is just one aspect because there is more to the sea or ocean beyond the waters and the way it looks. There are numerous creatures, mysteries and wonders that the sea has within it which will need more than one lifetime to explore and discover. That is why if you are planning to take up photographing the sea, then you should be warned that it is a pastime that will take over your time and eat it up at an alarming rate. If you know photography even a little bit and you are into it, you have to know that it does take over your mind and imagination not mention your time. Take for instance who are into macro photography making miniatures look mega, and you will understand the efforts that goes into something like this.

sea photography 1

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 The world of sea photography can be pretty absorbing too not to mention difficult but very fascinating. It can almost be compared with the momentous and magnificent world of mountain photography. And with sea or ocean photography, you know that you can combine it with other aspects like the exciting world of sunset photography.

sea photography 6

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 While we cannot claim to be experts on photography, we can tell you that clicking pictures of the sea may seem like an easy enough thing to do given that the scene is beautiful from any angle. However, beautiful may be a word that will fall short to describe what the sea seems like whether viewed from the lens of a camera or through the bare eye. While all this is true, it is this very quality that will probably render it difficult for you to click photos of the sea. We say this because the sea has so many looks and moods to offer, one can waste a lifetime on deciding on which angle to click it from and still not come to any conclusion.

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But if you want to get on with the world of sea photography, one of the best ways to do this, by spending hours on the beach or on the sea itself with a camera in hand. And we would also feel that you should go with several clicks of each picture instead of just one. This way you may have several choices when it comes to picking out the best shots. And we also feel that you should start looking at the sea from the photography point of view according to the change in lighting, which is to say when night leaves and day sets in – the sunrise. And when day merges into night – at sunset. This may sound clichéd but it is so because it offers some of the best photography opportunities for you to harvest from.

sea photography 17

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You should also look at the way the waves behave during the ebbs and tides and the way they seem to reach out in anger towards the skies when there is a storm going on. The way the waves rush into poetically kiss the sands leaving behind mementos is another visual that should be clicked for the sheer beauty of it.

sea photography 22

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sea photography 25
We can go on and on about the sheer beauty of the seas when it comes to art whether it is for painting or for photography but we are going to leave you with some of images to kindle your imagination.


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