Pretty And Playful Paper Cup Painting

There is art and artistic inspiration everywhere and one of the things that proves it is that we can and do take artistic inspiration from everything around us like the mundane, the divine and the various aspects of nature. Just think about it, in this article we are actually going to talk about something paper cups and the kind of art possibilities around it. The humble paper cup cannot even make a claim of being a classic like the very warm and winsome vintage tea cups but it still is an inspiration for art. In fact, the more you think about it, the more appealing you will find the idea of art that involves paper cups. It is part of our lives, it is being thrown out and this can contribute to waste, which we want to avoid at all costs. It is also something that we want to teach our kids about – the value of recycling and being able to do things with your hands.

paper cup painting 27

paper cup painting 2

paper cup painting 3

paper cup painting 4

paper cup painting 5

paper cup painting 6

 If you are wondering what kind of paper cup painting possibilities there are and how they can be used then think of cute coffee shop ideas for you to enjoy your cuppa and it will become clear as crystal to you. We are sure that we all enjoy our cup of tea or cup and would want to have a coffee shop kind of atmosphere around us while we do so and you can use these cute paper cup paintings to do just that. And if you feel that you lack the inspiration to pick out the right colors to do this, then we invite you to look at colorful and cheerful Caribbean art to cheer you up.

paper cup painting 7

paper cup painting 8

paper cup painting 9

paper cup painting 10

paper cup painting 11

paper cup painting 12

 The thing about paper cup art is that you can go about it in two ways. You can pick up paper cups that you can paint on and make them part of your artistic arrangements around your home. Or if you want you can draw and paint the likeness of a paper cup using that as a model and create interesting art. But in any case, we think that the first idea would be more appealing to your artistic and economical side as it involves using up something that is anyway going to be thrown away and being used in a new avatar.

paper cup painting 13

paper cup painting 14

paper cup painting 15

paper cup painting 16

paper cup painting 17

paper cup painting 18

Starting from painting the paper cup to hold things like pens etc. to using it to create things like a fort or a mushroom, the ideas are limitless. It all comes down to how much time and what resources you are willing to commit to this project. It would be a good idea to involve your kids, if you have some in your home or even kids from around the neighborhood to be a part of this project as kids tend to have interesting ideas to offer. The best part of such painting projects is that you can afford to commit some mistakes when you get started as the raw material is quite easy to access and use.

paper cup painting 19

paper cup painting 20

paper cup painting 21

paper cup painting 22

paper cup painting 23

paper cup painting 24

It is just a matter of imagining what you want to do and getting the supplies together to create such works of art. If you feel that working on complicated paper cup painting projects may be a waste of time, you can simply paint on them and use them for the purpose for which they are created – drinking hot beverages like tea, coffee and hot chocolate.  Do tell us what you think of our ideas and look at the images and tell us which ones appeal to you the most. And if you have ideas, do share them with us.


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