Colorful And Cheerful Caribbean Art To Cheer You Up

Have you noticed that the way we perceive colors and hues around us will depend on the way the sun shines in our area? That is probably the reason that many people who belong to somber and cold weather tend to dress in dark and rather dull colors and people who belong to sunny and warm weathers, tend to be more colorful in their way of dressing. That is why you will find people in warmer areas like India tend to go all out in their use of bright colors. This also affects the art of the land like Caribbean art for instance, where colors almost tend to violently and cheerfully clash with each other. And you have to admit that a cheerful mix of colors can definitely lift your mood. Even having colorful coffee mug ideas to choose from can make you see the bright side of things when you sip your cuppa in the morning.

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You don’t have to study colors and the impact they have on art to know that looking at cheerful colorful art like Caribbean art can immediately lift your mood; it just happens. The riot of colors that are used in Caribbean art are hardly pastel in shade and it does wonderfully contrast with the dark hues of the people who are the natives there. Some people try their own hand at creating colorful Caribbean art with magical window flower box ideas to lift the mood even in drab urban settings.

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When you look at pictures from the Caribbean areas which are mainly the ocean side with waters that are a bright blue, sun shining down, sandy beaches and the cheerfully smiling dark faces of the natives, even people who are not artists, would wish to become one. This is because somehow the wildly riotous colors of areas like this make you want to smile just to look at them. Even though many of the natives may not have much in terms of riches, they have a wealth of happiness that is written on their faces. You can see this reflected on the way their whiter than white smiles seem to shimmer on their dark faces.

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It is also reflected in their fashions with clothing that is made up of very bright colors that are worn in a way and in combinations that normally most people may not think off. But when they wear it and walk around regally with huge smiles on their face, it somehow becomes the epitome of idyllic and happy island life. Life there is not without its difficulties but the very air and the sun seems to stop you from frowning for too long. Even Mother Nature seems to have taken out her palette of brightest colors when she created her flowers and plants there. Even underneath the ocean, can you see the evidence of color being a dominating factor there?

caribbean art 16

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The birds there similarly cannot seem to be satisfied with one or two colors. The lights and brightness of the colors and the scenes of the islands are reflected in the art. The dance and the music culture is also inculcated in the visual art aspects of this area. It is therefore no surprise that even the homes and dwellings of the Caribbean area reflect a riot of colors.

caribbean art 22

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We are sure that you will be smiling with joy when you read what we have written and nodding in agreement. There is something to be said about the uplifting effect of the use of bright colors in this form of art. What do you say?


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