Scribble Art To Make Your Home And Office Look Awesome

Is scribbling art? Do you really think scribbling is art or are you one of those who thinks it is not? The thing is you are not wrong no matter what you think because not all scribbling is art but then not all scribbling is not art. Some types of scribbling can be done by good artists who direct their scribbling to create meaningful and pretty art that can be used to make your home and office look awesome. If you do not believe us, all you need to do is look at the images we have added along with the article to know that scribbled stuff can also be art. This reminds us of those magic shows of old where the magician would call one of the audience to the stage and have him or her scribble whatever he or she likes to do on to a huge board. Then the magician would ask the audience to tell him what they want the scribbles to be converted into. And once the audience agreed upon on what they wanted the scribbles to be converted into, he would do a bit of tweaking and voila, there would be some awesome art on the board. The reason why we mentioned this here is because sometimes looking at scribble art gives you a similar feeling. Sometimes the world of illustrious illustrations to keep you occupied is also on the same lines that can fill you with wonder and joy.

scribble art 1

scribble art 2

scribble art 3

scribble art 5

scribble art 6

scribble art 7

For some, the realistic animal pencil drawings can seem to the be the result of structured scribbling and they may categorize them as scribble art though it is difficult to say this is right or wrong. The same can be said about brilliant and bright ballpoint pen art and again this is somewhat of a subjective judgment.

scribble art 8

scribble art 9

scribble art 10

scribble art 11

scribble art 13

scribble art 14

You have to know that scribble art is not only an artistic depiction of what their creativity and imagination comes up with but also has deeper meaning. If you look closely at the works of art we have given here, you will realize, that sometimes the pictures depicted here have asymmetrical features and this may be deliberate to depict the tussle of emotions that a person is going through. Victims of crime often use scribble art to show the inner turmoil they are going through due to the trauma they have suffered.

scribble art 16

scribble art 17

scribble art 18

scribble art 20

scribble art 21

scribble art 22

It is also a way to make art more interesting as the onlooker would really have to work hard to identify not only what the scribbles represent in terms of art but also look for the many subtle nuances that they have tried to depict. In fact, many people find scribble art more interesting than art that is straightforward even if it is prettier. This is due to the way scribble art tends to make the person think and go through the many layers that the artist has gone through to create this art.

scribble art 24

scribble art 25

scribble art 26

scribble art 27

scribble art 28

Sometimes it may so happen that you take a  while to realize what the artist has tried to show and do not be surprised if each person comes up with a different interpretation. It is not unlike the kind of art that is often used by psychoanalysts and social scientists to study the way their subjects think. It is indeed a very effective tool to glean how a person’s mind works and their personality. To give you an example,  if you look at some of the animals and birds shown here, they seem to be symbolic of the way these species are vanishing from our world due to our own neglect.


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