Brilliant And Bright Ballpoint Pen Art

We are sure that most of you have used a ballpoint pen at some time or the other. It is something that we do without giving a thought to it but we all appreciate the convenience of it even if we don’t go around mentioning it. In the normal sense, art is considered to have a difficulty aspect to it given that an artist has to possess the skill as well as the creativity to create the work of art. The skill to use the paintbrush or the chisel or the pencil or any other means that is used to create the art. What if we were to tell you that now the humble and convenient ballpoint pen is also being used to create art? Today technology and techniques have developed so much that artists can opt out for the easier medium when they feel they need it. for instance, tattoo artists can go for genius metallic tattoos to have when a person is not sure about getting a permanent tattoo but merely wants to try one.

ballpoint pen art 2

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When there can be works of art created using marker pens, then why should the ballpoint pen be far behind? While the art created using ballpoint pens cannot be compared with beautiful drawing pencil sketches and art examples, we cannot deny the beauty of the ballpoint pen art.

ballpoint pen art 6

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Here Are Some Techniques And Tips About Ballpoint Pen Art That Will Have You Reaching Out For A Pen And Paper To Create A Unique Work Of Art:

Start with something simple: This goes without saying but we know it is very tempting to go overboard and pick up something complicated when it comes to ballpoint art as it is easier to do. But as with any medium, you will find that it is better to start easy and then move on to bigger and more complex projects when you are creating art with ballpoint pens. However, if you are tempted to go with something more complicated, the waste in the instance of ballpoint pen will be minimal.

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Remember that ink can smudge: You may have often noticed even while you are writing with a ballpoint pen, the ink tends to come in blobs when the nib gets heated due to continuously writing with it. And the ink will tend to spread when the blobs are formed with ink. You will need to factor this point in when you are attempting draw with ballpoint pen.

ballpoint pen art 14

ballpoint pen art 16

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ballpoint pen art 18

Thick and thin: Ballpoint pens come with a thick nibs and thinner nibs and you will need to pick the right one to get a particular part of your work right. The thinner nib would come in handy to draw outlines and make sharper lines. The thicker nib can be used to fill in color and also shading. But in both instances you will need to take precautions to prevent blotchiness, patches and smudging.

ballpoint pen art 19

ballpoint pen art 20

ballpoint pen art 21

ballpoint pen art 22

Remember it cannot be erased: When you are starting to draw, you will often find that a pencil drawing can be easily modified or corrected with the use of an eraser. But that is not the case with ballpoint pens. We are sure that there are some erasers that can be used to erase the marks made by ballpoint pens but even then it is more difficult to erase the marks of ballpoint pens than marks made while using pencils.

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The examples of ballpoint pen art given here would give you an idea on where and how to get started. Once you do you will find that it is indeed fun and also relatively inexpensive to do.


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