The World Of Illustrious Illustrations To Keep You Occupied

When it comes to the world of art, we believe that there is no limit to the way artists can let their talent and skills out to create different works of art. Illustrations are known to be the drawing of some other work like a fashion design or a movie or some such other art. Some people thereby, believe that illustrations are not pure art but derived art but you have to understand that derived art is not easy nor does it require less effort. That is why whether it is hot digital illustrations or some other form, there is a definite element of creativity and artistic talent involved in it. For many girls, women, and other people into fashions, there are fashion illustrations to keep you engaged.

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We ask you to keep an open mind and ignore the naysayers and give your attention to these illustrations that have been created with a lot of detail and painstaking efforts. Only then will you appreciate the charms of these mind blowing examples of illustration art.

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While It Is Not Possible To Cover All The Different Types Of Illustrations, We Give Here Some Images Of Illustrations As Well As Some Description On The Most Common Types Of Illustrations:

Charcoal drawings: When we look at charcoal drawings from the artistic point of view, we would probably realize that it is probably the most difficult to do in spite of the simple elements used to create it. Imagine having to create a proper figure the represents something clearly but only using charcoal and paper. It cannot be easy and requires a lot of skills.

illustration art 7

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illustration art 9

Metal etchings: For these type of illustrations to work, the person doing will have to spend some time mastering the techniques of this medium. This is because without the basics, it is not at all possible to do something that illustrative of what you are trying to create.

illustration art 10

illustration art 11

illustration art 12

Vector images: These have gained a lot of popularity with the world moving online and are flat images that denote a  lot. Vector images can be either in monochrome or consisting of several colors depending on the subject being represented. Today, we see many vector illustrators trying to sell their images online and making a living out of it.

illustration art 13

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illustration art 15

Pen and pencil drawings: These tend to have a lot of detail and come in useful when it comes to things like recipes and formulas etc. They are often used to show step by step illustration of a process so that you have an idea what happens during each step and what the end result will look like.

illustration art 16

illustration art 17

illustration art 18

Storyboard illustrations: These are very useful in creating concepts for advertising films and are also used as a means to sell the concept to the client. And once the client is on board with the project, it is used to guide the crew on how the story will unfold during the course of the shooting.

illustration art 19

illustration art 20

illustration art 21

Cliché or sayings: Some illustrations take a simple cliché like a bear hug, or a slip between the cup and the lip and make illustrations that tell you what the cliché is all about without using any words. It can be a great idea for posters and other motivational stuff around workplaces etc.

illustration art 22

illustration art 23

illustration art 24

The use of illustrations as well as the types of illustrations are numerous and the more you delve into the subject, the more information you will find. Even cartoons and comic strips do represent some of the illustrative art to give you an idea about the immensity of the scope of illustrations.


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