Realistic Drawings That Will Have You Raving Over The Details

Does art copy life or does life copy art? Actually it is just that life does inspire artists, and in turn their works of art do inspire life. That is why it is not surprising at all that some artists strive to emulate life so much that they produce the most realistic drawings possible. In fact, when you look at them, you may almost expect them to walk off from the drawing or even do other stuff that you would expect from something or someone who has life within them. Some artists like to do realistic animal pencil drawings that make you want to either pet the animal or rear back in fear. You have some artists who actually produce paintings that cannot be distinguished from a photo; they are that detailed.

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There are many breathtaking examples of photorealism, which is what such works of art are called that will leave you stunned with the level of detail that they have. To take it even further you have hyper-realistic oil paintings which will make you want to crawl into and start living there.

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Before you start looking at the images that we have added of examples of realistic drawings there are some factors that you have to think about. The first thing is that when we talk of realistic drawings, we mean real renditions. This means that the works of art may not be pretty in the real sense. Any fact that is created in this way of drawing would have wrinkles, pigmentation, pimples, scars and all the other flaws that are there on the face will appear as is in the drawing.

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The thing is we often start look at drawings and paintings with the expectation that they should be pretty. But that may not be what the artist is aiming at; he or she may feel that things should be represented as they are and not in some perfect way that everyone imagines or expects things should be. Even fantasy figures like characters of movies or cartoons are not spared. That is why even Disney characters are shown in the realistic way. It may in fact be gratifying to see that Disney princess with freckles and skin flaws.

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When it comes to drawing objects of our daily lives like a fruit or a piece of furniture, the drawing is done in such detail that you can expect to want to grab it. We have known people trying to grab a pencil from a realistic drawing when they see such works of art. If this happens to you and you are embarrassed by it, don’t be, it is what the artist was aiming for when he or she created the work of art.

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While the end result of such endeavors will have us stunned, you have to understand that the artist has to work really hard to get to this level of realism and details. It is not something that comes from simply being good at drawing though that is essential too. The artist will have to spend a lot of time looking at the person or object they want to draw and do this is in different kinds of lighting.

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Doing this will bring the artist a deeper understanding of how the play of light and shadow works around the object at different times of the day.  This may just be the first step to mastering this form of art.

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Do tell us what you think of this kind of art and how it has affected you. We are sure that you have interesting inputs to provide us.


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