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40 Hyper-Realistic Oil Paintings

You know why art is so fascinating? We think it is due to the fact that though art borrows from reality, which is vast, it also relies on imagination, which has no limits. Add to this, elements like creativity and the vast plethora of inputs that we add to this, you will have to conclude that art is something that starts at a point but has no ending whatsoever; at least that we can think of or conceive of. That is why we feel the need for some powerful imagination quotes to boost up your creativity so that you too can add your drop of creativity to this endless ocean that is art.

Hyper-Realistic Oil Paintings

Whether it is beautiful home and furniture ideas or beautiful garden fountain ideas, you can be sure art has a role to play in this. When you think about it, art and artists are really inspired by reality and we can clearly see this influence when you look at these hyper-realistic oil paintings. These have actually taken reality and made the picture of this reality more real than they are in real life.

When you look at the hyper-realistic paintings and art, the question that may come to mind, is why not click a photograph? This is a valid point but we are going to tell you some factors and aspects of this type of art that will have you rethinking the whole concept.

Keilah Couvertier

Keilah Couvertier

Just read through the points given here and you will know what we mean:

The detailing: The one thing that will strike you foremost when you look at these hyper realistic paintings is the sheer amount of detailing that the artist has portrayed. Though many details are visible to the eye of the camera, we think that the detailing given in these paintings far surpasses any picture that can be captured by the camera. What is more, in many instances pictures produced by cameras can be manipulated to remove some details which is not the case with these paintings.

Exaggerated reality: There is an element of exaggerated reality in the concept of hyper realism that may seem like contradiction but absolutely true. Like for instance, we look at everyday things without really seeing the details, but the artists who are into hyper realism show these to us in all their beauty and detailing that with our busy lives we could have easily missed.

Amalgamation: The best part of a hyper realistic painting is that it is an amalgamation of reality around us with the fertile imagination of an artist’s eye. This amalgamation is what adds that extra dimension to the painting. The whole concept of this way of painting comes into its own when you see how an artist portrays things like skin. We often see skin as smooth and not with too many characteristics but an artist’s eye will show you the shades and textures of skin very clearly.

The next level: The thing about hyperrealism and the art that is produced based on this concept, is that it takes something real and takes it to the next level. We know that reality is just that – reality. However, when you look at the way these artists have taken reality and made it even more real, you will realize that even something real has many levels just waiting to be discovered.

Brígida Campos

Brígida Campos

You need to take a look at some of these hyper realistic paintings to change your perspective and change the way you view reality. If not that, these paintings will show you details that you may have missed in real life.


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