Learn All About Impasto Paintings

When it comes to the art of painting, there is no limit to this as there are new aspects being added on a regular basis. So do not be confused if you do not know what impasto paintings mean as they are somewhat of a niche art in the world of painting. Impasto paintings are created using a technique where the paints are applied thickly to create works of art creating shades as well as textures. However, this new area of painting should not surprise you at all as new techniques and concepts are being added on a regular basis. For instance, there are oil pastels and you can know more about this medium by checking out what this means.

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While you may think that you know all about the many styles of painting, you will see that it is difficult to keep track of all the new techniques that have been introduced as there are new innovations being added to the field all the time. You can see the way paintings have advanced in terms of techniques and content when you look at hyper-realistic oil paintings and the kind of details that they have.

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Here Are Some Points To Ponder When It Comes To Impasto Paintings That Will Have You Fascinated And Amused At The Same Time:

It is painting with texture: First  of all, most people who view paintings feel that though the art that has been created has depth and even shades of lighting, it lacks texture in the actual sense. That is where impasto paintings come in as they add a touch of texture to the painting with the thick daubs of paints that are added. This may seem somewhat simplistic but in fact it is even more complicated than the other techniques of painting as the gist of the art cannot be overlooked even when using the impasto technique.

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Frustrated painting sculpture: Some painters want to sculpt but may find that they do not have quite the hand at it as they do in the original medium that they are experts at. That is why painters who aspire to be sculptors will find some kind of relief in their desire to sculpt by using the impasto technique for painting. While paintings created using the impasto technique are not sculptures in the strictest sense, they do give a sense of being sculptures to a certain extent.

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Almost three-dimensional: Since the paint is applied in thick layers when you paint using the impasto technique, it almost makes it seem as if the object or objects in the painting are popping out of it. Even if the picture does not have a three-dimensional theme in the strictest sense of the word, it does seem to create that effect to a large extent.

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Oils and acrylics it is: While the impasto technique of painting offers new dimension and aspect to the art of painting and takes it to another level, it is not without its limitations. The limitations is not only in the careful way the paints are applied but also in the kind of paints that can be used. You will find that to a large extent, impasto style of painting allows the use of oil paints with water based colors being totally out of the equation. With the technology in acrylic paints improving, certain type of acrylic paints can also be used in the impasto style of painting. However, you have to remember that acrylic paints tend to dry very fast and this means that you have to be especially careful while using acrylic paints for this style of painting.


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