Works Of Andy Warhol And Some Facts About Pop Art

Just when you think that you have looked at all aspects and facets of art, you discover that there is more to it. That is precisely what makes art such a fascinating subject. In this article we will look at yet another aspect of art – Pop art! This is a movement that started in the 1950s in Britain and later on after another 10 years in USA. The crux of pop art lies in using materials that come from various aspect of life like comic books, advertising material and other objects that are part of our culture and life.

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One should not be surprised that pop art borrowed from mass media after all art does take from many sources like art from junk that is recycling in art form. Imagine using things that are discarded and recycle them into objects of art. As we all there is a dramatic side of art, and the influences of this can be seen in many objects of artistic imagination. And we all know that art can be practical too like the art of fashion designing, which makes visual art that is usable.

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Here Are Some Interesting Bits Of Trivia About This Intriguing Type Of Art Called Pop Art:

The term “POP” came from the word popular and was given by an art critic of British origin named Lawrence Alloway. He meant to say that this kind of art veered more towards things that are part of popular culture.This kind of art does borrow from mass media things to produce interesting collage like art that is truly interesting to look at.

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Andy Warhol was one of the leading artists in this genre and he reveled in creating pop art that included aspects of advertisements, culture related to celebrities and also artistic expression on the whole. This gave a whole new outlook to art unlike what was till then considered acceptable as art.

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Andy made use of many things and means like photography, drawing by hand, actual painting, silk screening as well as film too to make his masterpieces.

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