Art Of Fashion Designing – Interesting Insights Into It

While we tend to think of fashion as being the area of interest for women and something that is pursued as a means of vanity, but the fact is fashion designing is an art in itself. While purists of art may not agree with this definition of fashion designing, even the most staunch of them will agree that fashion designing does need an artistic bent. Is it then any wonder that fashion designers have to get some grounding in art to be able to do their work well? It is not just about knowing things like how to use beads on clothes and jewelry, it is also about lines, forms, layers and much more.

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Fashion Design

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Many people think of fashion designing as something that is something as more of a modern art, the fact is fashion designing has been around for quite some time. One only has to look at vintage crochet patterns and how pretty they are even today, you will realize that the art of fashion designing may actually have started when the first cavewoman trimmed her animal skins to fit her better. In fact you only have to back in history and look at the types of fabric that are remarkable, the roots of the art of fashion designing are very much in the past too.

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Here are some factors that will tell you more about the art of fashion designing:

It is about getting the fabrics right: Fashion designers can look at a fabric and see the potential that it has just like the way sculptors look at a stone and are able to envision the finished statue or piece of art. It is this eye for making something pretty from the raw form with varied points of view is what makes fashion designing an art. Who else but a artist would be able to visualize fabric in such forms?

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It is about getting how the clothes will look on the body: The art of fashion designers not only look at the fabric, the textures, the colors, the way it is stitched but also the way the body will look in the finished product. In fact it would not be wrong to say that the popular body types of the season come about due to the designs of the fashion designers.

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It is about adding other factors to complete the look: The art of fashion designing does not end with the form and the fabric, but also extends to other things that will complete the look. Can you imagine a gorgeous evening gown in jeweled tones, made in rich fabric, fitted on a gorgeous lady but with sneakers or with a backpack? No, it would spoil the whole effect. That is why the art of fashion designing is about not just the clothes but also the whole look with factors like the bag, the shoes, the jewelry etc.

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It is also about things like makeup, hair and other things: As we said earlier, even a gorgeous model wearing the right clothing but not supported by the right shoes and accessories would look awful. In the same way the makeup and the hair though strictly in the realm of the fashion designer, tend to be influenced or at least work in complement.

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Portrait of a woman in a design studio

The art of fashion designing may not quite have the artistic cachet that other forms of art have, but it manages its own position due to the sheer popularity and the way it lends itself to being commercialized. What is more, the art of fashion designing is one of the forms of art that tends to move us almost on a daily basis, though we may not be consciously aware of it at all.


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