Crafts For Children: Some Ideas To Keep Them Busy During The Holidays

One of the best things about art is that even if your kid is not particularly artistic, is that it can make the kid well rounded when they dabble in some. One of the best ways to get your kid/s interested in art is to get them to dabble in some crafts. This is also another way to keep them busy during the holidays. You can make them learn about the world of pottery by letting them toy around with some clay to make some shapes and things.

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What is more letting children do some crafts is one of the easiest ways of introducing art to children and this way they will have more well rounded approach to everything in life. Another craft idea for children is to put them on to the art of sketching.

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Here Are Some Craft Ideas For Children To Work On:

Using old cups, hangers etc to make things that they can use: You can put together a craft kit for your kid/s and their friends with some glitter, some colored paper, glue, old plastic cups, hangers, ribbons and other odds and bits. They can use this to make pencil or pen holder and also transform the hangers to holders that they can hang their ties, socks etc on.

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Have them put together letter holders from old cloth bags: You can make your kids take on a project of converting old cloth bags into letter holders and let them decorate it with patch work bits, stickers etc. This is a very simple way of getting the children into the habit of organizing their books, papers etc.

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Make kites: Making kites is something that kids will really love working on as it gives them something that they will enjoy playing with once the project is done with. All this needs is some good paper, some sticks and glue to hold the whole thing. Then you can have them enjoy a good time playing with kites out in the fresh air.

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Use things around the home that kids can make decorations for their room: Kids will learn to keep things neat if they are encouraged to decorate their room by themselves. You can have your kids use things around the home creatively to make decorations for their home. This could be anything like plastic cones, wooden icecream spoons, feathers, pebbles, marbles, egg shells and bits of chart paper.

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Give them a soft board to prepare a collage: This will give reign to the imagination of your kids so they can come up with ways to create unusual color schemes and decoration themes. They can be encouraged to come up with a subject everyday and they can pin things related to the subject of the day on the board. This is a fun way to teach them about different subjects without making it seem boring.

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Help them create hand puppets out of socks: Making simple hand puppets out of gloves and socks is a good way for children to put up small plays and skits. They can be encouraged to act out myths and fairytales or even stories with morals attached to them. This is something that will engage the children’s creativity and imagination to educate them even as they are entertained.

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Actually when it comes right down to it, ideas for crafts for children can be endless depending on the interests of your children and the time as well as resources you have available. Once you have the minds and the hands of your children in these craft projects, you will find that they themselves will come up with many such ideas.


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