Introducing Art To Children – Some Tips To Get It Right!

A child needs to have a well rounded education to be a balanced and well adjusted adult. This means not only should your child be well versed with the syllabus at his or her school, but also have exposure to sports and arts. It is just possible that your child is a talented artist and you did not even realize it. Even if your child is not an artist, developing his or her love and appreciation of art at a tender age will make him or her a well rounded and complete person. That is why you should make clay pinch pots which is a simple art project for kids or take them for caroling where they can enjoy Christmas songs for kids to sing.

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The thing about art is that it encompasses a huge number of things starting from the performance arts like dance, song and then moves on to the visual aspects of art like drawing, painting, sculpting to ones that use equipments like graphic art, photography etc. Actually even writing and movie making also fall into the purview of art. This is good in the sense that your kid/s can be encouraged to find their own niche whether it is actually becoming an artist or just appreciation. In fact learning about art also enables them to learn about other cultures in a fun way and in a way that they will always remain in their memory. Like taking the art route will be a way to tell fun facts about China that kids would enjoy knowing.

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Here Are Some Tips On How To Introduce Art To Your Children:

Tell them art related stories: The one thing that all kids seem to enjoy is when you tell them stories. This is not only a good way to keep them entertained but also a very simple and effective way of educating them. You can tell them stories about art and artists. Or show them something and tell them the story behind it. This way they will be curious to know more and ask you questions.

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Show them the options: Once you have gone through the art based stories, you will have to draw their attention to the options they have with regard to the options that they have. Once you have taken them through the options (the caution here is not to make it seem like lessons), you will soon get an inkling about where their interest lies. This way you know where their interests lie and you can go about giving them resources so that they can develop their area of interest.

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Never force the issue: Sometimes your child’s area of interest will be completely different from what you expected or anticipated or different from the ones you have. But this does not mean that you force the issue; it is better to accept that your kid/s can have interests that are different from you and encourage them to develop their interests.

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Always lead the art lesson with visuals: Today is a world that offers a lot of visuals to help in teaching and communication and this is a good way to go about your art lessons. Small children will find this more interesting and will be more inclined to develop an interest in this area when you use visual aids instead of just teaching them using books. Of course if your kid is interested in paintings and sculpture, then you can take them to visit displays and museums.

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Watch your kids bloom: Once you have done all this and provided an atmosphere for your kid/s to be artistically inclined, just sit back and watch your children bloom into interesting personalities.


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