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Learn More About The World Of Pottery – Beautiful Art Ideas

Have you ever thought about the chinaware that you use around the house? Have you given a thought to the mug that you use to drink coffee? Well, it may not seem like much today but pottery was an art form in earlier days. It is more of a craft but those who are expert in it can make art out of it and you can get an idea of that when you look at the fascinating world of ceramic art.  After the world of pottery is pretty huge and not only includes earthenware but also stoneware and ceramics.

In fact, it would not be wrong to include the way kids make clay pinch pots which is a simple project for them as part of pottery. Some people may even liken pottery works to monochromatic art. After all, what is monochromatic art? It is the way art is made in different shades of the same color and pottery works do tend to do that.

In Any Case Here Is A Look At Some Interesting Facts About The World Of Pottery:

Art being born from practical purposes:  The fact is pottery did not start off as an art form and has its roots in practical needs. Man started using mud utensils to make and store food, which later evolved into an art form.

Process though basic is not easy: When you look at a potter work on shaping what is essentially mud into vessels, you may assume that the process is very easy to master. Actually it is not; the process of pottery takes an incredible amount of dexterity and sensitivity of the fingers to shape the vessel the way it should be.

Mastering the wheel is not enough: While mastering the wheel is an essential part of pottery work, it is not enough to create earthen art; at best you can make a pot or two. To make artwork from bits of clay you will have to be really good at imagining how the piece is going to turn out and then work on making it happen.

Baking is important too: Earthenware gets completed only when the piece that you are working on is successfully baked in the kiln. This again is a process that master potters have taken to the next level. Some master potters manage to add certain elements to the mud they are working on, to add color and can also use certain techniques to add a glaze to the piece.

Pottery work can also be therapeutic: While pottery has many practical uses and is also known as a form of art, many people do not realize that this activity is recommended to people as a form of therapy. Dealing with earth, getting your hands in it and getting dirty to create a piece of art can provide a tranquil feeling to people. So, the next time you get the blues consider going for a pottery class and experience the therapeutic effects of it on you.

If ever there was an artistic idea that was rooted in practicality then it is pottery. After all when is the last time you saw a beautiful piece of art being used as a stand or even as a receptacle to put your stuff?

That is the beauty of this form of art. The best part is that you don’t need to spend a lot to own a piece though there are some pricey examples of pottery out there. Plus it is one of the art forms that allows people from all walks of life and of all ages to dabble in it just for the heck of it.