The Art Of Sketching – Some Interesting Details About It

Humans have evolved to such an extent that not everything that we do has to do with practical purposes; we even do things and create things that please our senses. This also means pleasing the eye as much as other aspects of ourselves. That is where art plays an important role. The best thing about art is that it is not restricted by any borders, which means many things come under the purview of art. In this section we will look at one of the most basic but often the toughest to do – sketching.  You only have to look at these beautiful  drawing pencil sketches and art examples to know what we are talking about.

Often the general view of sketching is that it is the precursor to actual painting or sculpting. While this is true and often people who go to art classes are encouraged to learn to sketch properly before they can go to other complex forms of art, sketching per se has also been acknowledged as art by itself. If you look at the step by step guide on how to draw an eye, you would probably grasp the nuances of sketching. It is not at all easy to capture the depth and emotion of somebody or an object with just a pencil, charcoal or chalk.  It is only when you cast your eyes on creative chalk art examples that you come to know the extent of work needed to create this sort of art.

The thing about sketching is that it is art that is created just by using one implement, like a pencil, pen, crayon, chalk or some other media.  It is a matter of great skill to be able to capture depth, shadows and the third dimension using just a pencil or charcoal.  There have been instances in history where the sketches that great artists have made before painting their masterpieces have gone on to become much sought after.

There have been instances where a sketch made from what the artist has seen has even served as valuable evidence at a later date.  Sketching also has been known to serve some practical purposes like enabling the police to get a likeness of a criminal with the help of eye witnesses providing important details.  Though this sort of sketching is not considered art in the strictest sense of the word, this is a practical side of art that can come in really handy for many things.

The thing is, the art of sketching requires a lot of discipline and skill.  Though most artists learning any form of art like painting, sculpture or any other form of visual art are encouraged to learn sketching, but few take it up as their area of specialization.  But for those who do, sketching can be art that speaks to them. They seem to have a knack for adding depth and emotions to what should have been flat, uninteresting and two dimensional art.

Today we can see computer programs where people just step into a booth and get a sketched likeness of themselves, but this cannot really be taken as a substitute for the work of an actual artist. The thing about sketched art is that it is a work that requires a lot of talent, skill and imagination and a deeper understanding of depth in art to come up with something impressive.

You will know exactly what we mean when you look at the various samples of sketched art that are shown here. One has to really appreciate the work an artist has put in for the results to be so spectacular.


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