Gypsy Tattoos – Designs, Meanings And Traditional Ideas

What are the different types of ways in which gypsies are shown in gypsy tattoos? Many gypsy tattoos show only the head. She is shown as having a pretty and smooth face with black hair, golden skin, lots of makeup and embellished with makeup, jewelry and wearing colorful clothing. They are also shown as looking up at the sky with a star gazing upon her. Some show the gypsy with a crystal ball.

Another method or depiction of a gypsy in a gypsy tattoo is like that of a pinup girl. This was quite popular in 1900s and would have the entire body portrayed in the tattoo or may parts of it. This could be realistic or cartoon like

Another way that is becoming popular is showing the gypsy skull tattoo, in which the rest is normal and only her head is replaced with the skull. Normally this gypsy skull tattoo is supposed to signify the loss of a close one.

What are meanings of Gypsy Tattoos? The gypsy tattoos are quite heavily endowed with symbolic value, They can represent among other things, the spirit of independence, the portent of good luck, desire, carefree happiness, travelling, the female power, the world of spirits and magic, accomplishments and many other things


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