The Wonderful World Of Vinyl Record Art To Evoke The Past And Make It Live Again

The wonderful aspect of our world is that nothing ever remains the same; things change and everything changes and this is a wonderful thing to happen. Yes, there are many among us who bemoan (especially those of us who have lived through a certain number of years and witnessed many changes) the fact that the things we enjoyed in the past are not a part of our lives any more. That is why this article is about the wonderful world of vinyl record art to evoke the past and make it live again. While we are aware that many of our dear readers may not even know what a vinyl record is, we are sure that they will enjoy the resulting art that comes out of it. it is a DIY project much like DIY canvas craft ideas to kill time that you will find fairly fun and addictive.

Once you get the hang of such art, you will find that it will stop you wondering about what are moleskines and why it is essential for artists to have one, and concentrate and create a lot of wonderful art. While the wonderful world of vinyl record art to evoke the past and make it live again may require some effort in terms of getting the raw material and not as easy to come by in terms of raw material like brilliant plastic bottle garden ideas, it is still worth the effort.

The Wonderful World Of Vinyl Record Art To Evoke The Past And Make It Live Again

Okay, before you start wondering what a vinyl is all about, let us tell you it is a round black slim disk that had records that you could play on a record player. The needle of the record player would run on the grooves of the vinyl record and the music would play from it. The media for recording and music has evolved over the years with cassettes making an entry and various kinds of compact discs coming into play. Today most of us can get music at the touch of a button or the click of a mouse but one can see the romance of gathering around a player to listen to the vinyl record playing as it is wound again and again.

Some of the different kinds of art that you can come up with using vinyl records is to simply paint the grooves in the disc in various fluorescent colors or use the lovely round shape of the disc to paint on. You can even go so far as to melt the material of the vinyl record to make bracelets from the lovely and glossy black bracelets.

Depending on what you are a big fan of, you can paint the faces of the stars of that on to the vinyl records and create your own wall of fame. It wouldn’t even matter particularly if you are not a very big artist, as long as you are able to think creatively.

The center of the vinyl record would often have a little bit of paper stuck on it. In terms of converting these old records into art, you can simply color the center of the record and bunch them together on the wall to look like a bunch of unique looking balloons. What is more, you can also add the profile of a child cut out to make it seem as if a child is holding it. Once you get going, the ideas are endless and you will find that all you need is a bit of glue, paints, tools and a lot of imagination to get this project going.


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