40 Brilliant plastic bottle garden ideas

Plastic has a bad reputation—that of being a non-biodegradable material that spoils the environment. There have been studies that have pointed out that the continued use of plastic for storing beverages and water can lead to the clogging of the waterbodies around the world. While we can work towards reducing the use of plastic bottles, we can also use the same non-biodegradable material for the good of the planet. In this article, we can look at brilliant plastic bottle garden ideas that can use the same much-maligned product to create greenery. There are of course many perfect plastic bottle crafts, but the using them to plant a garden is a good way to use them for the good of the planet. Bottle art – infinite beauty from recycling waste can be a good way to make something good of something that is not of much good in anyway.

Brilliant plastic bottle garden ideas

Let us look at brilliant plastic bottle garden ideas to create beautiful bottle gardens that will make you beam, without much ado.

Brilliant Plastic Bottle Garden Ideas

The thing about plastic bottle garden concept is that you definitely need the bottles to get started but it involves a lot more. For instance, you need to figure out how the planting and irrigations aspects work.

If you look at the pictures we have given along with this article, you will realize that many of them involve the cutting of the top portion of the bottle and using it in different ways. For instance, in one of the images you can see that the cap has been removed and some wicks have been suspended from the earth filled top portion of the bottle. These wicks dip into the container below that has the water. And voila, you have an irrigation system that is simplicity itself. The bottom container can be the very bottle of which you have cut the top of and used to put mud and plant the seed or sapling you have planted.

Sometimes you need not go through this whole process of cutting the top portion of the bottle but instead gouge out a portion along the length of the bottle. To use like this, you need to keep the bottle lying down and for this you will need to stabilize it by putting it on a stand. Once you do, gently fill the opening you have cut off from the bottle with mud and plant the kind of plant that you want to plant. This makes a pretty picture when it is displayed neatly on the wall as is shown in the images along with this article.

Sometimes, if you feel that you do not want to go all the trouble of creating a wooden frame to place your horizontal bottle plants, then you can hang them by tying them up with strong string or rope. Another simple idea for a plastic bottle garden is to take huge bottles  that are used to store two liters are more. Cut the top portion of the bottle and use the bottom to plant your crops in.

If you are considering the kind of indoor plants that don’t need mud but flourish in water, then too plastic bottles are a good idea to go with. since we are talking about plants that will be part of the interior decoration, do ensure that you pick out some pretty and flawless bottles to use so that they do not spoil the look of your home on the whole. It is pretty easy as a concept once you figure out how to use plastic bottles to create a garden; make sure that you pick out the right plants.


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