36 Sacred Geometry Vectors And Their Meanings

What an interesting concept? Sacred geometry, two things that one would believe cannot be connected to each other but actually are. In fact, most of us think of geometry as a dry and dull subject, which has come into existence only to make our lives tougher. But the fact is that geometry has many mystic and even nature related connotations that one cannot ignore. While one may not be wrong in quoting excellent examples of cubism art works as having their roots in geometry but not really aligned to sacred notions, which is true but there is a concept called sacred geometry. You have to realize that not every art that is related to geometry has sacred roots but if one wants, one can find a connection. For instance look at different types of perspective in art with examples, while this per se is not sacred, it will have a place in spirituality and nature.

You have to look at sacred geometry tattoo ideas to see what we mean. The fact is sacred geometry is considered to the blueprint for creation and genesis for all the forms in our world. It is considered to a science that is ancient that delves into patterns of energy that creates and makes as one all the objects in this world.


Let us take a look at some sacred geometry vectors and see what they mean:

The flower of life
The hexagon
The seed of life.
The icosahedron
Piscis eye trinity
Metatron’s cube
The vesica piscis eye
The hexagon formation
Spiraling equilateral triangles
The seed of life with triangular formations
The polygon formation
The torus
The triangular overlays
The triangular grid
The square matrix
The vector equilibrium
Whirling squares
Lotus flower
Star tetrahedron
Hexagonal grid
Hexa torus
Sri Yantra
Decagon formation
Lotus mandala
Dodeca Fractal
Metatron’s cube with dodecahedron center
Octagon matrix
Sri yantra adaptation
Seed of life yantra
Flower of life yantra
Seed of life matrix
Spiraling pentagon



Starting from the smallest cell, which is the building block for all existence to the universe on the whole, you will find that these sacred geometry symbols cover all the possibilities. The study of these mystical symbols takes a lot of thought and meditation after which the secrets of the universe will be open to you. However, these are not to be taken lightly nor to be used frivolously for things like the decoration of the home or the body in the form of a tattoo. Some of these symbols hold the key to unlocking the secrets of our very existence.



Some like Sri Yantra that literally translate to the machine for wealth generation are used to empower an individual to seek, stick and gain on the path to prosperity. In fact, if you are so inclined, you should check out sites that specially focus on creating jewelry that has a deeper mystical value rather than just aesthetics. The seed of life sacred geometry design is often used to create pendants and rings that will have the wearer find the real path of their life and lead them to better development. But in this case the study of gems and metals also comes into play adding to the significance of sacred geometrical symbols.



Some of these sacred geometry symbols play a protective role, while others play a discovery and developmental role and others move to the next level to the self actualization level where a person transcends to a higher level. In many cultures across the world, these symbols are used regularly in many forms like decorations, patterns, etc., even though the people using it may not be fully cognizant of the deeper connotations. Do share with us if you have any thoughts on these.


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