Modern, Magical And Memorable Metal Art


Art as we have said repetitively (and will keep saying it), will never stop surprising us with the massive scope that it has for expanding and adding new aspects to it. We can promise you that even if you start exploring one type of art every month (that is the minimum time required to get to know something about it), you will probably never run out of different types of art to explore in a lifetime. However, we are not going to talk about the humongous scope of art and all that it encompasses in this article but about metal art. While the definition of metal art includes many things like silver jewelry designs to keep you enthralled but we are not talking about that aspect of metal art in this article either. We are talking more about modernistic metal art that can create many things like a smooth sculpture of a couple entwined with each other or a scorpion that looks as if it is going to come alive at any time and sting you.

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Once you start exploring the world of metal art, then you realize that it includes sculpting on metal and the fascinating aesthetic and practical uses it can have. We feel that some of the fascinating metal art examples may have been the source of genius metallic tattoos to have in 2016.

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The world of metal art need not always have serious and thematic pieces but could also include pieces that reek of whimsy and humor. Take for instance, how people have used table cutlery like forks, knives, and spoons to create metal art. Or in some instances, people have picked up tools and rusted chains in order to create complicated art that depicts a deeper part of their imagination and  creativity. For some people, the use of metal can be for practical purposes like gates, grills and other such delicate looking but strong art works that protect rather than just stand there for decoration. They serve a dual purpose and tend to serve as both.

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Some people see metal art as a means of recycling old rusted bits of metal that would have been thrown away in any case. Once you start exploring the world of metal based art, then you will realize that most articles of metal can be used to create works of art. For instance, a metal kettle can be transformed into a whimsical work or art. But the one thing that you have to factor in when it comes to art involving metal, is that you have to master the use of some heavy duty equipment. This is because metal is not like wood where you can chip away at it using some simple tools to shape it.

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Metal though having the potential to create a lot of interesting works of art, is not easy to bend or shape as you wish to. In fact, with many works of metal, you will have to heat it to shape it and then only make changes to it. Unless you are working with basic metal wire, the use of met for creating works of art will need you to master the art of welding. Even metal that is a bit tarnished has a beauty all its own and this could actually add another dimension to it.

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If you are interested in metal art, then you should look at the different types possible from the attached images. These will help you find a direction for your metal art projects if you are undertaking any. Do tell us what you think of metal art.


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