40 simple dog drawing to Follow and Practice

Our faithful animal friend the dog often tends to become an inextricable part of our lives tending to make us want to capture it on paper or canvas. The fact is that though the dog is not as graceful in most instances like the cat, it is still a study in motion that will awe you. Not because a dog thinks things through before setting off in motion but because the dog will show loyalty even at his or her own cost. There is love and devotion in the eyes of a dog that will melt the hardest of hearts and lead you to the thought that a dog can be a person’s best friend. You may have to learn some simple pencil drawing techniques with examples to wrap your head around what needs to be done when you start drawing the dog with all the minute details.

The simple dog drawing to follow and practice that we are going to take you through in this article, is hardly the kind that need the kind of skills that you need for compelling and creative charcoal drawings to capture your eye. We are sure that if you are into art, then you would ultimately like to do realistic drawings that will have you raving over the details, but that is not this article is about.

Simple Dog Drawings To Follow And Practice

We would say that you need to start with the kind of dog breed you are most familiar with. We are making this point here because there are many breeds of dogs ranging from short and squat ones to long and lean ones that almost look like a calf or a small horse depending on the breed. Of course, you also have those big breeds that have a lot of fur hanging off them along with their huge build.

We suggest that you start drawing a dog in side profile starting with the muzzle, which is the mouth and nose area. Once you have a general idea about this, you can move on to ears and eyes. Once these details are in, then move on to the neck and the body. Then it is the turn of the legs and tail which are pretty simple. But once you do get these down pat, you can go on to draw the paws and some details of the fur. The dog’s nose will have to stand out and the dog’s eyes are also remarkable.

If you are planning on drawing a puppy, then be sure to make the body plump and the face sweet and innocent. The ears are long as you may have often seen, the dog even in his or her infanthood tends to have ears that it is supposed to have and the same is the case with the paws. That is why, we often see the adorable quality of a puppy that has ears and paws that are too big for its cute little body. This often creates a clumsy quality that makes a puppy seem to stumble on its own feet.

And one more aspect that you have to remember while drawing dogs is that they have a more open expression in their eyes and face than our feline friends. While the feline friend is all about selfish and sensual grace, the canine friend is all about being happy for her or his master. The reason we mention all this here is because you will need to capture these emotions, if not completely, at least partly while drawing the face of the dog.


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